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(c) BANDAI / LuluLoloProject
Based on a best seller picture book the bears' school, which sold over 2 million copies, the all new TV animation called LULU & LOLO -- TINY TWIN BEARS will soon be released!
Twin bear sisters Lulu and Lolo are hard workers but are also quick to cry. Lulu is an orange bear. Lolo is yellow. They love their grandma's homemade cookies.
They take on new challenges every day. Although the tasks they undertake may be easy for adults to accomplish, it's a huge mission for the young sisters. Not knowing what to prepare, Lulu and Lolo gather lots of tools and materials that they often don't need. When something goes wrong or a rival interferes, Lulu and Lolo wail in sorrow, and the only thing that cheers them up is grandma's cookies. After they finally finish their tasks they take a well-deserved nap.
With a 250 million dollar market, the bears' school has become a huge hit in Japan. Following this success, a new line of products based on the characters of LULU & LOLO -- TINY TWIN BEARS are currently in production.
Production Year
5 min.
International sales company
Nippon Hoso Kyokai (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
NHK Enterprises, Inc. (NEP)

(c) BANDAI / LuluLoloProject
Clean, M/E + Japanese
Japanese or English script