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Light Away!

This game show won the top prize at the "BCWW International Format Pitching" held in Korea.
Also nominated for Best Asian Original Game Show at the "Content Asia Awards" held in Singapore.
The Challengers called "Darkness Phantom Thieves" compete in the "Hall of Light".
They challenge a thrilling survival game in search of the winner's spotlight!
There is only one rule:
In the dark, the challenger walks carefully, avoiding the pillars of light that stretch like a spider web.
In each stage, the challenger tries to reach the diamond without touching the static or moving pillars of light from all directions.
The one who clears all stages will receive the winner's spotlight.
This is “Light Away.”

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  • For Children



Ryujin Juwara is a localized version of Ryujin Mabuyer, which is a top-rated TV series in Okinawa. This version imparts the essence of Malay tradition and culture to the young generation. Ryujin Juwara is a hit with young Malaysians.

“Ryujin Mabuyer” is a community-based live-action superhero TV series broadcasted in 2008 to 2012 that was inspired by the “Super Sentai” (Super squad, aka Power Rangers) series. Such shows typically advertise the localities in which they are set. In this series, the characters speak in Okinawa’s local dialect and have Okinawan names. The story is about the nine stones called ‘Mabui-stone’ scattered around in Okinawa area.
Each stones carry a unique magical power which is believed to be possessed by the soul of the Okinawa’s legendary dragon. Majimun- the villains- attempt to collect the nine stones and destroy Okinawa’s culture and tradition where Ryujin Mabuyer fights against and stop from doing so.