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4K Documentary―An Alpine Symphony by Sapporo Symphony Orchestra

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Founded in 1961, Sapporo Symphony Orchestra is the only professional orchestra based in Hokkaido. Also known as “Sakkyo,” the Orchestra gives around 120 concerts a year. In 2018, Swiss conductor Matthias Bamert was appointed as the new chief conductor of Sakkyo. The program features the rehearsals and the inaugural concert of the new chief conductor, shedding light on how Sakkyo, under the baton of Mr. Bamert, approached An Alpine Symphony (written by Richard Strauss), one of the most challenging masterpieces in classic music that requires a large orchestra comprised of more than 100 musicians. How does Mr. Bamert conduct and orchestrate the music? What are his secrets?
Matthias Bamert
Sapporo Symphony Orchestra
Production Year
70 minutes
1 episode
Movie Quality
International sales company
Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
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