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Fish & Pretty Girls... plus Pops

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We Love Fishing: In this program, Haruka, who is a complete beginner in fishing, and Ami, who often goes fishing on weekends, go wild fishing and catching big or rare fish, such as yellowtail, rockfish, and bullhead, in the sea, rivers, and lakes in the vast lands of Hokkaido. The “pops,” who serves as the director of this program and loves fishing and pretty girls, kindly gives guidance to the two “fishing girls.”
One fun part of fishing is to cook fish well and enjoy it. In this program, Ami, a very beautiful fishing girl, shows her specialty dishes. Haruka, on the other hand, has a hard time because she is not good at cooking! They aim to become fishing girls with cooking skills!
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4K Documentary―An Alpine Symphony by Sapporo Symphony Orchestra

Founded in 1961, Sapporo Symphony Orchestra is the only professional orchestra based in Hokkaido. Also known as “Sakkyo,” the Orchestra gives around 120 concerts a year. In 2018, Swiss conductor Matthias Bamert was appointed as the new chief conductor of Sakkyo. The program features the rehearsals a...

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Introducing the best nature, culture, food and lifestyles of the northernmost island of Japan, Hokkaido. Every week our hosts explore the colorful towns and cities of Hokkaido, to discover their diverse lifestyles and seasonal delights. From deep powder snow to bright flower fields, cherry blossoms ...

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Onchan goes to Asia!

The show covers closely on a big project in which “Onchan,” the mascot for HTB, brings snow from Hokkaido to Taiwan and Thailand respectively, together with a student from each country. The student from Taiwan made a snowman for the first time ever for her mother at home. With the help of a professi...