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Head Office:
Koenku, Shunan-shi, Yamaguchi, 745-8686, Japan



Takeshi Fujimura


'Matsuri' - Festivals of Japan

“Matsuri”, festivals in Japan mean succession of tradition to posterity. The festivals have long history. People pray to “Kami”, God with all their heart at the festivals. Yamaguchi Broadcasting Company has been broadcasting this series of the local festivals by keeping up the close coverage of peop...

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An Eden For Two

山で最期を迎えたい ある夫婦の桃源郷

After World War 2, Japan experienced an economic boom, and became a wealthy society. One couple fought against the materialism, choosing otherwise to live deep in the mountains without electricity, a telephone, or plumbing. They are Torao Tanaka (Aged 77) and his wife Fusako(72). Soon after Torao re...