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“Koi-Baka” -from Aichi to the world-
コイバカ ~愛知から世界へ~

Narita Koi Farms raises and sells Nishikigoi (carp), or so-called the “swimming jewel”, in Komaki-shi, Aichi Prefecture. Narita Koi Farms is a small company with only seven employees, but has a unique and major characteristic. That is, they "polish" the carp. They purchase young carp from farms in Hiroshima and Niigata, and raise them to become beautiful fishes. The two "Koi-Baka", or “carp freaks”, are the ones behind this effort. One of them is Mr. Narita, the president and the one in charge of purchasing and sales. The other one, Mr. Yamamoto, is the managing director and Narita’s right-hand man, who is in charge of the "polishing" work. The competitive exhibition is where people compete the beauty of their carp. Nishikigoi was born in Japan, and therefore the exhibition is known for its strict and high standards.
Narita Koi Farm has long been the high-ranking winner at the competition. Enthusiasts around the world come to Japan to seek for the support of Mr. Narita. Most of Narita’s clients are the “rich” from countries such as China, Southeast Asia, and Belgium. Clients include an owner of a carp worth about 20 million yen. They all want the world's best title. They would leave their carp with Narita and aim for victory at the competition. Obviously, winning is not easy. The "polishing" of carp is a steady and dull work. Controlling the water quality and taking proper care of the feed. They continue and repeat such work for years, to raise the carp beautifully. A Belgian enthusiast we visited for an interview, had dozens of carp at home. In the house they had a septic tank, and a specialized “carp-doctor” took care of their fishes’ health.
The company's sales have increased significantly, as they serviced the wealthy class. On the other hand, Narita hopes to let more Japan ese people familiarize with and enjoy raising carp. “Nishikigoi are loved by people from over 30 countries around the world. I want to make them loved even more,” he speaks of his dreams.

Production Year
1 episodes
International sales company
Nagoya Broadcasting Network Co.,Ltd. (Nagoya TV)