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Company Name: Nagoya Broadcasting Network Co.,Ltd. (Nagoya TV)
Date Established: Septermber 6th, 1961
Head Office: 2-10-1, Tachibana, Naka-ku Nagoya Aichi 460-8311, Japan
Paid-in Capital: 400,000,000 yen
Business Overview: Nagoya TV was established in 1961. Its major shareholders are the Asahi Shimbun(one of Japan's leading newspapers), TV Asahi and Toyota Motor Corporation. It began broadcasting in 1962 under the policy of “providing trustworthy news programs, enjoyable high-quality entertainment contents.”
Nagoya TV Provides a wide range of programs mainly to Chubu region (Aichi, Gifu, Mie). This means it has an audience of 4.37 million house-holds and 11.3 million viewers. We produce Dramas, Documentaries, Entertainment Pop Shows, Movies and the program of Travelogues.

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