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Deliveries from the Heart - True stories from Mercari

People sell items they no longer need; people buy those items.
Touching dramas of people connecting with one another via those items.
The main character is a delivery woman.
Sentimental items that have fulfilled their role head off to new owners.
Every day, men and women of all ages buy and sel...

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  • Factual
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M -beloved one-

A story of how a top diva in Japan, Ayumi Hamasaki, was born, her meeting and partings. This is the first dramatization of the much-talked-about original book with adaptations specific to the drama.

In Japan, in the 1990s, Ayumi Hamasaki was called Ayu and had become a superstar known throughout ...

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Let’s Have Lunch in Historical Architectures

Award-Winning New Technique Combining "Scripted" and "Non-Scripted"
Visit more than 20 Internationally Acclaimed Architectural Masterpieces

Haruno Fuji (26), an office worker who dreams of opening a café, meets Chiaki Uekusa (55),an architectural modeler who enjoys touring nostalgic buildings, o...