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Company Name: Hiroshima Television Corporation
Date Established: September 1, 1962
Head Office: 3-5-4, Futabanosato, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken, 732-8575, Japan
Paid-in Capital: 200 million yen
Business Overview: Hiroshima Television, affiliated with Nippon TV Network, is a terrestrial TV station located in Hiroshima, a core city of the Chugoku region in Japan.

The station was established on September 1st in 1962.
Since then we are providing programs in Hiroshima prefecture to 1.5 million households or 3.8 million people.

In the weekday evening we are broadcasting information-oriented variety program.
On the other hand sport program aired on every Sunday acquires support and trust highly from our viewers due to wide coverage of spots activities from professional baseball and soccer down to amateur tournaments.

We are aiming to become “indispensable TV station in Hiroshima” through various genre such as news, documentary, sport live broadcasting, variety show and others.
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