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Head Office:
1-2-18 Ootemae, Chuo-ku, Osaka-City, Osaka 540-8519 Japan


January 23rd, 1981


Yo Ikeda



  • Beauty
  • Comedy
  • Entertainment
  • Medical/Health

Sauna Wonderland

Kitsuko, a manga artist, is plagued by nightmares. One day, her younger brother said “You have poison in your face” and advised to go to sauna and sweat to get rid of the poison. These words set her boring life in motion and she discovered the pleasures of the water bath. However, Nushi, an old wom...

  • Romance

My Husband Is Her Boyfriend

Based on Pouplar MangaTargeting Women in Their 20's to 40's
Both Are Having Affairs. Revenge, Suspicion, Romance Ensue

Kaori and Takuya are a married couple who get along well. Even so, Kaori is dissatisfied with one thing about her husband: even though they are undergoing a fertility treat...

  • Education
  • Science

120 Seconds of Science

Non-Verbal Science Experiment Show Perfect for Children and Teenager!

This program is a stylish 120-second presentation of scientific phenomena. Science is hidden in everything around us and in everything we use. By showing the science through the lens, we offer a small insight. It is a program t...

  • Food/Cooking
  • Human
  • Reality
  • Travel
  • Travelogue

A Taste of Life in Kyoto

Award-Winning Drama about Unknown Kyoto

This is a drama that allows you to enjoy Kyoto's restaurants that are not on tourist guides and that only Kyoto residents know about. Kana, a Tokyo resident, happens to stay in Kyoto for a short period of time. Kana visits real stores day after day and disc...

  • Food/Cooking
  • Romance

Beautiful Guys, EAT!!

Pin-up Girl Excited by Japanese Hotties Eating with Gusto

Yoshimi Ikeda (28), an "otaku" who loves handsome men, is an editor of a gourmet magazine, but she has a small appetite. Yoshimi had no interest in food at all, but her talent blossomed when she had dinner with a handsome new employee, Ken...

  • Food/Cooking
  • Music
  • Romance

Cooking for My Imaginary Girlfriends

Rising Star Mahiro Takasugi Cooks Popular Japanses Foods for 12 Ideal Girls

Masao works for a subsidiary of an electronics manufacturer, and on weekends he plays the bass guitar. He is serious and clumsy in his relationships. He is not popular with girls and has been without a girlfriend for 3000...

  • Entertainment
  • Nature
  • Sports

Fishing DAYS

Make Fishing a Part of Your Daily Life

The program is a fishing documentary that is packed with content for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced anglers who are struggling to improve their fishing game. This program conveys not only techniques, but also the true joy of fishing and the c...

  • Education
  • Factual
  • Food/Cooking
  • Reality
  • Travel

Let’s Have Lunch in Historical Architectures

Award-Winning New Technique Combining "Scripted" and "Non-Scripted"
Visit more than 20 Internationally Acclaimed Architectural Masterpieces

Haruno Fuji (26), an office worker who dreams of opening a café, meets Chiaki Uekusa (55),an architectural modeler who enjoys touring nostalgic buildings, o...

  • Entertainment

Mamesuke tte iina

Meet our cute mascot character ‘Mamesuke’

This program is focused on ‘MAMESUKE’ documentary. Mamesuke is a Shiba puppy, His loving shape and healing characters became popular for all generations. This program consists of cute shot’s of Mamesuke travelling around Japan, Enjoy the most cutest Pupp...

  • Nature
  • Sports

The Fishing

Long-Running Fishing Show with a 40-Year History

This program is a fishing documentary show started in 1983, one of the oldest fishing TV shows in Japan. Bringing you famous fishing spots such as seas, lakes and rivers all over Japan. Even fishing veterans will be inspired to discover the fun of...

  • Comedy
  • Entertainment
  • Food/Cooking
  • Sitcom

The Funny Chef of South Polar

7 Men in a Small Observatory Dome

The drama takes place in the South Pole. It is an observation base with an average temperature of minus 54 degrees Celsius. This sitcom depicts the funny lives of seven men who live together for a year in a small dome base. The only thing that the members of the ...