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Television Osaka, Inc.

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Head Office:
1-2-18 Ootemae, Chuo-ku, Osaka-City, Osaka 540-8519 Japan


January 23rd, 1981



Contents business division


  • Comedy
  • Romance


Break up with the lovers using a pretend wife!
Romantic Comedy with a womanizer.

Osamu Dazai’s incomplete masterpiece “Goodbye”, revised after 70 years as romantic comedy and brought back to our days.

Drawing a sad and funny human pattern, the skirt chaser Tajimage Shu got the idea to use a...

  • Entertainment
  • Science

Kagaku de Mutyamitasu!

Solutions to the question ‘WHY’ with J-Idols!

This program delivers knowledge and information through various themes. 
Even though it is produced for school children, adults also find themselves being caught up with the engaging content that this show brilliantly captures.

We are going to dig...

  • Entertainment
  • Food/Cooking
  • Travel

Otona tabi - aruki tabi

Enjoying local food while traveling

・This program visits some of Japan’s sightseeing hot-spots and exceptional seasonal food while discovering spectacular views along the way.

・This program conveys carefully selected information such as hot springs/spa and special products in beautifully captu...

  • Entertainment
  • Travelogue


Everything You Need to Know about JAPAN!

In this series we observe various topics related to local Japanese life and will bring you all the merits of Japan. Whether you are a local Japanese or a tourist, you want to know where the best secrets are kept.

Get a taste of everyday life in japan s...

  • Entertainment

Mamesuke tte iina

Meet our cute mascot character ‘Mamesuke’

This program is focused on ‘MAMESUKE’ documentary. Mamesuke is a Shiba puppy, His loving shape and healing characters became popular for all generations. This program consists of cute shot’s of Mamesuke travelling around Japan, Enjoy the most cutest Pupp...

  • Nature
  • Sports

The Fishing

Expert of Japanese Fishing!

・Bringing you the top anglers from famous fishing seas, lakes and river spots from all over Japan.

・Fishing veterans and beginners alike will be inspired to discover the fun of fishing in Japan.

This fully-fledged fishing program is a Japanese classic.