Showing the World a New Side of Japan’s Appeal by Sharing its Finest Craftsmanship & Services:
WAKUWAKU JAPAN Launches New Program The Wonder Japan -Takumi-

WAKUWAKU JAPAN Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Masafumi Kawanishi; “WAKUWAKU JAPAN”), a group company of SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President & CEO: Shinji Takada) announces that it will begin airing The Wonder Japan-Takumi*1-, a new program showcasing the wonders of craftsmanship and services throughout Japan. The program is being carried out as a Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) “Model Project to Promote Overseas Expansion of Broadcasting Content Contributing to Regional Economic Revitalization” based on the supplementary budget for fiscal 2014. Segments introducing craftsmanship, services and more will be compiled from programs produced and aired by stations and production companies throughout Japan. The program will air daily in all three countries where WAKUWAKU JAPAN is available—Indonesia, Myanmar and Singapore—from December 7, 2015 (Mon.) to February 7, 2016 (Sun.).

This initiative is being carried out with the involvement of the MIC, which will recruit project participants through the project’s contractor*2, the Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. Its goal is to generate interest in Japan from a fresh perspective and contribute to regional revitalization by introducing Japan’s exceptional but as-yet unknown local craftsmanship and services to viewers in other countries. Through the new program The Wonder Japan -Takumi-, WAKUWAKU JAPAN aims to impress viewers with its inexhaustible quest for the finest craftsmanship and services while working to further increase the number of Japanese culture fans around the world.
In addition, the program will include a PR slot for local governments and businesses, helping local entities effectively showcase the appeal of their respective regions through tie-ins with the program.
With the cooperation of production companies, it will also offer chances to win tours of Japanese locations that appear on the program as well as products showcasing fine craftsmanship. These prizes will be rotated on a weekly basis as a means of promoting continued viewership.

The program is also linking up with MEDICOM TOY CORPORATION’s global e-commerce site CJ MART ( to create a site where overseas viewers can purchase the fine products introduced on the program. This initiative is aimed at helping small business owners and distributors of local commodities without overseas outlets to expand into overseas markets and also at revitalizing local economies. In addition to watching the program, viewers can thereby even experience Japanese craftsmanship and services firsthand, further enhancing their interest and appreciation.
The program’s viewer gift campaign and product sales tie-ins will help spread the appeal of Japanese craftsmanship and services around the world more effectively.
In sharing the wonders of Japan with the world through broadcasts on its channel, WAKUWAKU JAPAN aims to elevate Japan’s brand, promote the “Cool Japan” and “Visit Japan” campaigns, and contribute to the revitalization of local economies.

*1 Takumi: the artisans who have refined their manufacturing skills are called “takumi”.
*2 Contractor: the company/organization contracted to run a specific model project

■ Program Overview
・Title: The Wonder Japan -Takumi-
・Airing Dates: Daily from December 7, 2015 (Mon.) to February 7, 2016 (Sun.)
・Airing Countries: Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore
・Airtime: 30 minutes
- Indonesia: 18:30-19:00
- Myanmar: 18:00-18:30
- Singapore: 18:30-19:00

■ Program Tie-in Projects
1. Viewer Gift Campaign
・Campaign title: Comment Posting Campaign
・Goal: Give viewers the opportunity to win program-related trips to Japan and artisans masterpieces in order to increase interest in the program and promote continued viewership.
・Entry Method: Viewers enter by answering a questionnaire on the channel’s official website regarding their reactions to the program and Japanese craftsmanship and services.
2.Product Sales on E-Commerce Site
・Goal: Enhance viewers’ interest in and appreciation for Japanese craftsmanship and services.
・Marketing Approach: Collaborate with MEDICOM TOY CORPORATION’s CJ MART* to create a special The Wonder Japan page on the CJ MART site (to open on December 7, 2015).

*CJ MART is a global e-commerce site that is devoted to sharing the dynamism of products made in Japan with the rest of the world under the concept of “a select, refined e-commerce site for Cool Japan” and has been adopted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)’s 2013 Cool Japan Initiative.