TBS Facebook page attracts 1 million Likes as company strengthens global communications

The Facebook page for TBS International Program Sales (Global Business) has reached 1 million Likes, the largest number for any official Japanese broadcaster Facebook page. Since September 2012, TBS has used this page to communicate, mainly in English, with people around the world about its content and global initiatives. Another key platform in the TBS global communications strategy is the company’s own mobile responsive TBS Program Catalog website, which provides the latest information about TBS dramas, anime programs and movies, live action features films, and more in 80 languages.

On its Facebook page, TBS presents information not only about its content of every genre but also about its formats, which are the basis for locally produced megahit television programs around the world. Famous TBS formats include “SASUKE”/“Ninja Warrior,” “Fun TV with Kato-chan and Ken-chan” (In the US, “America’s Funniest Home Videos”; in the UK “You’ve Been Framed”), and “Takeshi’s Castle.” The TBS Facebook page also provides links to a wide range of media information about local productions of TBS formats. Over 99% of the page’s 1 million Likes are from outside Japan, making the page a valuable resource as TBS grows its global fanbase.

TBS uses several other channels in conjunction with Facebook to extend its message globally, leveraging both still photographs and video content. Channel JAPAN is a joint initiative of Nikkei Inc. and TBS that presents up-to-date information on Japan via broadcast channels throughout Asia and on the Internet. TBS participates in JAPACON, an organization and website run primarily by the Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO) that globally promotes Japanese content offered by a variety of Japanese broadcasters and other content creators. TBS also participates in a wide range of international content markets and events.