Nippon TV Popular Quiz Format "Ultimate Brain second season" Goes On Air in Belgium and the Netherlands!

Nippon Television Network Corporation (Nippon TV) is proud to announce that its popular quiz format "Ultimate Brain" is hitting the airwaves for a second season in both Belgium and the Netherlands.

Licensee: Sputnik Media
Broadcaster: VRT, KETNET
Season: 2
Broadcast Schedule: Starting October 21, 2017 (Sat) at 9:10 am, 12 episodes

Licensee: Sputnik Media
Broadcaster: NPO, ZAPP
Season: 2
Broadcast Schedule: Starting November 18, 2017 (Sat) at 6:30 pm, 12 episodes
Distributed By: Eccho Rights

■ Program Description
Nippon TV's popular quiz format "Ultimate Brain" is a scientific experiment edutainment program that pushes creative and spontaneous thinking abilities to the limit. Challengers split into teams and compete against each other to answer science-themed questions that are like nothing you've ever seen. To succeed, they need more than just smarts--intuition and rational thinking are the keys to victory.

■ International Success
The "Ultimate Brain" format boasts an impressive international track record, with a localized Chinese version preceding the Belgian and Dutch versions. It has also enjoyed high acclaim in the United Kingdom, where three seasons have aired on CBBC (Children's BBC). The "Ultimate Brain" format is distributed by Nippon TV in Japan, Brunei, China (incl. Hong Kong and Macau), Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Eccho Rights distributes the format in all other countries and territories.

■ Comment from Atsushi Hatayama, President of International Business Development, Nippon TV
It is a great honor to have the second season of the "Ultimate Brain" format, one of Nippon TV's most esteemed titles, produced and aired in Belgium and the Netherlands. They join the United Kingdom and China in broadcasting more than one season. I look forward to the day when this one-of-a-kind quiz show "Ultimate Brain" is available and enjoyed the world over.
Currently, our scripted drama format "ANNE/MOTHER" is a mega hit in Turkey, where our other original drama "WOMAN" is on its way to equal success. The legendary Nippon TV business show format "Dragons' Den/Shark Tank" continues to entertain viewers in many countries and territories. Nippon TV's scripted and non-scripted format sales has reached fever pitch and for the upcoming Asia TV Forum & Market (ATF), we look forward to sharing "Ultimate Brain" as well as many of our other titles.