The hottest Nippon TV programs now available in the US!
NIPPON TV Channel launched!


On May 28, 2019 (May 29, 2019 JST), Nippon Television Network Corporation (Nippon TV) launched its broadcast/OTT service “NIPPON TV Channel” on DirecTV, the largest satellite broadcaster in the US. This service primarily caters to the needs of Japanese people living in the US and delivers Nippon TV’s programs and Yomiuri Giants baseball games. Viewers in the US will now be able to enjoy this year’s much-talked-about drama series ‘Mr. Hiiragi's Homeroom’ and hit entertainment shows ‘Matsuko in the Room’ and ‘Celebrity Confessions to ARIYOSHI’. What’s more, the Yomiuri Giants brought back Manager Tatsunori Hara, making their games more irresistible than ever.

NIPPON TV Channel is available via DirecTV’s JapanDirect package, which also includes“Channel NECO International,” a Japanese movie channel.

Fore more information (link to NIPPON TV official site)