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TV Asahi “Ranking the Stars”Format Sales to Indonesia

The format “Ranking the Stars”, a segment of TV Asahi’s popular variety show “London Hearts”, was sold to ANTV, a terrestrial broadcaster in Indonesia. The new Indonesian version has started its regular broadcast.

In “Ranking the Stars”, ten high profile celebrities such as actresses, TV personalities and comedians are invited to the studio and rank each other based on one distinct criterion. 100 men from the general public rank them on the same criterion. The talk will inevitably heat up around the difference of these two sets of rankings. “Ranking the Stars has been aired in Japan since 2004 for more than 100 times. In the show, the audience sometimes gets to hear the innermost feelings or embarrassing revelations from the celebrities. Some guests flare up in anger or start to cry. This true show of emotions contributes to the popularity of the program.