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Love Stories from Fukuoka 8 (福岡恋愛白書8)

Love Stories from Fukuoka 8 |Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
(c)KBC Co.,Ltd. 1998 - 2015.
An omnibus love-story drama series produced once a year by KBC in Fukuoka. The stories are all based on real life experiences of viewers in Fukuoka. Young popular actors, including the members of AKB48, play the main roles and some actors/ celebrities/ sports players who are associated with the Kyushu area in various ways appear in the drama as well.
As an additional appeal, since this drama is shot in Kyushu, mainly Fukuoka, viewers can recognize many famous sightseeing spots in each episode.

Itsuki Akiyoshi (Ryota Ozawa) is obsessed with the memory of a woman he cannot forget, although he has a girlfriend, Sae (Yuki Kashiwagi). When Sae tells him that she is pregnant, Itsuki abruptly begins to talk about the woman.
Three years ago, Itsuki, dreaming to open a restaurant, moved to Yanagawa City to work at a tavern as a cook. Having few acquaintances there, his senior introduced him to a woman, Megumi (ICONIQ), three years older than Itsuki. Megumi was a stunning beauty, and he fell in love with her at first sight. Itsuki was invited on a date by her. They called each other "Megu" and "Ai-kun," and gradually nurtured their relationship.
However, Megumi behaved as if some part of her refused to be Itsuki's girlfriend. In fact, Megumi had a secret that she could not tell him. What is Megumi' s secret? Why does Itsuki begin to tell such a story all of a sudden? And how does Sae feel? Itsuki, Megumi and Sae?the three hearts overflow with agony.
Ryota Ozawa (小澤亮太)
Yuki Kashiwagi (柏木由紀)
Kaname Endo (遠藤要)
Mayumi Oka (岡まゆみ)
Takanori Nishida (西田たかのり)
Taiga Nagaoka (長岡大雅)
Hiroki Shibazaki (芝﨑弘記)
Scenario Writer
Momoco Murakami (村上桃子)
Atsuhiro Furukawa (古川純大)
Production Year
1 episode
International sales company
Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
AIRDATES: 2013.3.22.-(Aired once a year)
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