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The Home of Koi -Unspoiled Japanese Landscape Yamakoshi's beautiful four seasons-


Yamakoshi Ward (former Yamakoshimura) in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture,
is the origin of “Nishikigoi” carps.
The area experienced devastating damage in the Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake in 2004, requiring the entire village to evacuate. However, fifteen years later,it has been revived as a beautiful village surrounded by the beauty of untouched
Japanese nature.
Yamakoshi has many terraced paddy fields and ponds that are used for farming Nishikigoi.
Masaru Saito (66-year-old) owns a Koi farm in Yamakoshi.
His second eldest son graduated from university and has started helping him at the farm since 2018.
“How are Nishikigoi born?”
“How do they grow?”
“How are their prices determined?”
Over a year, we follow Masaru and his son and their passion for Nishikigoi in the beautiful mountainous scenery of Yamakoshi.
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60 min
1 episode
Movie Quality
Aspect ratio
VOD ,Inflight
International sales company
Television Niigata Network Co., Ltd.
Location Area
Hokuriku / Chubu