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Papa’s in Love Again

Papa’s in Love Again
(C)Jun Abe / Shogakukan (C)2020 TOKAI-TV, The icon
The ultimate human comedy lets adults both laugh and cry!!

Former stock trader Goro Yamashita, age 45, was the provider and mainstay for his family... until his beloved wife, Taeko, passed away three years ago. Since then, he’s been a total shut-in. He was once a wonderful father who both excelled at his career and dearly loved his family, but that love was so strong that the shock nearly broke him. Unable to accept his wife’s death, he still hasn’t visited her grave.
Taeko Yamashita was like a goddess to her family, serving as the emotional foundation for all of them until she died in a traffic accident three years ago, when she was 36. She was young and beautiful, charming and gentle, the perfect wife and mother.
A third-year high school student, the Yamashita family’s only daughter Tomo has been efficiently handling all the household chores ever since her mother Taeko passed away when Tomo was in her third year of junior high. She used to be a spoiled child who adored both her parents, but since her father shut himself in, she had no choice but to mature quickly.

Tomo struggles to take care of her useless father, until suddenly a suspicious middle-aged man appears before Goro. In fact, that man is none other than Goro’s wife Taeko, who was so worried about her husband that she came back to life as a middle-aged man!

This drama explores the age-old question: Which is more important, a person’s looks, or what’s inside? And it does so through the extreme situation of a beautiful deceased wife transforming into a middle-aged man!

How are people supposed to live on after they’ve lost someone dear to them?
Does continuing to love that someone bring nothing but pain, or happiness as well?
This is a story of the ultimate pure love, packaged in surrealistic comedy.


3 年前、交通事故で妻に先立たれた山下吾郎(小澤征悦)。

「この人は多恵子さんじゃ! 多恵子さんが帰ってきたんじゃ!」

ありえないような奇跡の連続! そして懊悩する吾郎のドタバタ喜劇!
Yukiyoshi OZAWA (小澤征悦)
Muga TSUKAJI (塚地武雅)
Manami HONJO (本上まなみ)
Riko FUKUMOTO (福本莉子)
Akaji MARO (麿赤兒)
Production Year
55 min.
8 episodes
Movie Quality
International sales company