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The Revenge Widow

  • Drama (Series)
  • Human
  • Romance
  • Scripted Format
  • Suspense
  • Thriller
Mitsuki Suzuki (Mitsu) lost her husband who worked at an IT company. He was hunt down by his colleagues and suddenly killed himself at the office.
To seek the cause of his death and take his revenge, she joins the IT company changing her name.

Taking advantage of her outstanding charm and craziness, she brilliantly sets up traps to the colleagues who made her husband dead.

Based on a comic of the same title by the author of “FISHBOWL WIVES” and starring the same actress as “FISHBOWL WIVES” in Netflix.
  • Comedy
  • Entertainment

3rd Grade Adults

Sometimes, kids do better than adults. Take a look inside the 3rd grader’s brain, acted out by adults. This comedy series is about four elementary school students. They face simple but difficult problems even for adults and try to find their answers from kids' pure eyes.

All but divorced

A man and a woman. After seven years of marriage and painfully failed attempts to have a boby, love has faded away. No conversation, no sex. They are married because they have not divorced yet.
The husband has been sleeping with a teenager whom he forces to have an abortion. Cornered by his wif...


Here’s the story of a new section at the Metropolitan Police Department.
Their mission is to find the anonymous abusers on social net working site.
Wataru is a police inspector working for the new section. He’s been demoted because of a “certain” investigation which will be a key throughout the dr...

  • Action
  • Mystery

Brave YOSHIHIKO Series

Brave "YOSHIHIKO" and the great satan's castle (2011)
Brave "YOSHIHIKO" and the demon's key (2012)
Brave "YOSHIHIKO" and the seven driven people (2016)

A village is plagued by a deadly, mysterious disease of which the only cure is a rare herb. However, the village hero who was sent to obtain th...

  • Entertainment

Can I Follow You Home? 我能跟著妳壹起回家嗎? 家、ついて行ってイイですか?

Hilarious midnight documentary show!

In Tokyo, after midnight, many people wander around without destinations.
Some were partying, some were working late, and some were just too drunk to catch the train on time. What happens if a camera crew suddenly asks them to let a camera follow them home ...

  • Comedy
  • Gameshow
  • Quizshow
  • Reality

Coming BINGO

This is not an ordinary BINGO game!

The numbers are based on a questionnaire of 25 people not just random.
Each team asks the 25 people a question, and the number of “YES” answers opens up on both team’s BINGOs.

The 25 respondents have the same unique professions like gangs, athletes, or hos...


In Dawn of GAIA, the viewer is introduced to a range of themes, from global and national economic trends to consumer and financial markets, and little-known Japanese technologies. The idea is to present Japan from a different perspective and dramatically show how people at the forefront of various f...

Dead Stock

Two young TV directors, one a sensitive introvert and the other an ambitious cynic, re-investigate the strange and supernatural phenomena found on unaired videotapes discovered in the vaults of an old TV station, ends up facing the horrifying mystery concealed.
Inspired by real events and urban leg...

  • Comedy

Hana Is Beyond Your Reach

Hana, a heroine, is a super excellent and beautiful business woman who works at a traditional confectionary company and every single her idea becomes a hit and popular series.
Thus, Hana is admired by all of her colleagues and they think that Hana dates celebrities like professional baseball playe...

  • Gameshow
  • Sports

Human Racing 人力歸家競賽 人レース

Pigeon Racing is a sport of releasing trained pigeons from the same place at the same time, and let them compete the speed of flying back.
Pigeon Racing is a competition based on Pigeon's homing instinct, however for this program, we will do the same with Humans! How strong can the homing instinct ...

  • Family
  • Gameshow

National Family Challenge 100萬到我家 ミリオン家族

National Family Challenge is an interactive game show in which any family can participate. The family members battle against crazy challenges posed by the presenter, to win $10,000. Hide and Seek Battle is popular segment of the show.

For instance, In Hide and Seek Battle, the three presenters v...

Office of the Dead

Zombies appear in TOKYO.
A comedy drama featuring the Zombie Police

Shinsuke Akaba is living a pretty steady and boring life, catching zombies everyday.
…Wait! Zombies!?!?
Yes, Shinsuke is living in a world invaded by Zombies.
Although he seems like a normal government servant, he is ac...

  • Entertainment
  • Reality

One Step One Penny

Walk step by step and your dream may come true…

Challengers are able to earn one penny per one step by wearing a dream helmet. At the end of the journey, total money earned by walking minus travel cost will be paid to the challenger. Their purposes vary,
-An ex-Olympic medalist suddenly starts ...

  • Entertainment
  • Reality


Draining pond water project has become a phenomenon in Japan!

After the first broadcasting, “Draining Pond Water” project has become a sensation in Japan.
Celebrities visit muddy, dirty ponds and drain all the water up to investigate what is causing the pollution.
In many cases the pollution is...

  • Comedy
  • Drama (Series)
  • Human
  • Scripted Format
  • Tearjerker


“I’m on rent.” “There is nothing I can do but a simple conversation.”

What an odd service?! Who’d need him?!

What he does is sort of like a handyman but he has no skills. His existence is the only thing he can offer. And yet there are loads of clients wanting him “to just be there”.


  • Drama (Series)
  • Human
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Suspense

Snow Crab

The protagonist man was falsely accused and lost everything. He is planning to kill himself, but suddenly has a desire to eat delicious crabs at northern climes before suicide.

He decides to commit robbery in order to get money for the journey and targets a woman who looks rich. He meets her in a...

  • Comedy
  • Food/Cooking
  • Human
  • Scripted Format

Solitary Gourmet Series (Season 10 Starting in October, 2022)

This drama features the art of eating alone. Goro Inogashira runs his own little imported goods business and visits many different towns from day to day. The places where he stops to eat are where this drama unfolds. In each episodes he discovers new and surprising gourmet food and we are treated to...

  • Entertainment
  • Food/Cooking


There is a huge number of ingredients in the world.
What we usually eat is just a small part of them…
In this show, great chefs cook unknown ingredients that they have never seen.

The ingredient looks/tastes strange. The chef is firstly surprised at such an unknown, but gradually grasps its fea...

  • Comedy
  • Entertainment


Memorize10 words in 10 minutes…avoid the disturbances of Study BlockersEveryone should have more or less experienced coping with the distraction when trying to study. Even though in heart we know we should concentrate, there are too many temptation other than the work we are facing. “The Study Block...

  • Entertainment
  • Gameshow


TV Champion is a game show in which people of various skills compete with each other and a champion is selected from among them, Experts in particular skills, including chefs, craftsmen and artists, compete in many different ways, such as eating contents, crane games and hobby-related skills, lendin...

  • Travel

Why Did You Come To Japan? 日本!我来了 Youは何しに日本へ?

There are now 6 million tourists yearly, who visit Japan from abroad. What are their purposes? Yes, It may be normal sight-seeing, or business trip, or studying.... Why not hold an random interview at the doorstep of Japan, Narita Airport? There we have found people who came for the most craziest pu...