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Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop

My 17th summer in a countryside city…
Cherry is a young boy who has trouble communicating with others, who always wears headphones so that nobody will talk to him. His hobby is putting the feelings he can’t say aloud into his ‘haiku’, Japanese poem. Smile is a girl who always wears a mask to hide her big front teeth and braces. She’s a popular streamer who finds the cutest things and shares them with her audience. Cherry, who can’t express his feelings except through poem, and Smile, a girl who can’t get over her complex about her looks, meet in a shopping mall, and gradually get to know each other over the internet. One day the two of them run into each other as they both try to help a man named Fujiyama find his lost record. The two of them swear they’ll find it themselves, and gradually get closer as they search. At the end of the story, Cherry’s explosive and honest message will reach the depths of your heart, becoming a brilliant flash of light and a summer memory you’ll never forget.
You’ll thrill to one of the most emotional endings in anime history!
Production Year
International sales company
Hakuhodo DY music & pictures Inc.
Genre: Drama