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An underground group of special investigators, Avalanche tracks down criminals who conspire with government officials to break the law. After collecting evidence using tactics that border on the illegal, Avalanche kidnaps wrongdoers and forces them to confess in a court of their own making: social m...

  • Suspense
  • Suspense

School Police

Ryuhei Shimada is an excellent but stubborn detective who has chosen to work at a public junior high school as Japan's first-ever school police officer. He soon discovers that the seemingly-normal institution is teeming with problems that he is determined to solve: cyberbullying, sexual harassment, ...

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The Revenge Widow

Mitsuki Suzuki (Mitsu) lost her husband who worked at an IT company. He was hunt down by his colleagues and suddenly killed himself at the office.
To seek the cause of his death and take his revenge, she joins the IT company changing her name.

Taking advantage of her outstanding charm and craz...