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21st Century Girl

15 female filmmakers, all born around 1990, contribute about 6 to 8 minutes each to this film showcasing their views of the world, society and gender issues.

Home Tutor


This is not an “entrance exam” drama!

This is a “private instruction” human drama where three mothers and children of different ages and problems end up being “saved” by peculiar tutor Torako.
Three mothers in their 30s, 40s, and 50s cross paths with Torako. One is a working mom who is worried sick about her child’s future. Another became a second wife and entered the upper echelon of society whose net worth is in the top 3%, but feels she doesn’t belong. The third is a despondent divorced mother working at her parents’ restaurant.

Although there is a huge difference in their standard of living, the three women long for the same thing—for their child to get into their dream school.

Meanwhile, the three kids are burdened by their own serious problems, which they can’t tell their parents.

Torako asks them, “So, what do you want to know?”

With their desperate gaze, they ask, “Why do I have to study?”

“Is it wrong to dream?”

“Will bullying ever go away?”

“Let’s begin our lesson,” Torako says each time, but she refrains from giving them sermons or saying difficult things. All she does is show the children the reality that exists in the world.

In time, the children learn how to use money wisely. Better yet, they start getting a glimpse of what they want to pursue. For their part, the parents were full of doubt with Torako’s abilities. Now, seeing their child growing gradually, they’re gaining confidence in themselves and feel inspired to find a new life that’s right for their family.

What Torako teaches is that, besides studying, the other thing that’s important in life is to “spend money wisely.”

A Girl of 35


A daughter returns 25 years later, but as a 10-year-old girl.

Set in 1995 and 2020, this story makes us ponder how we have changed over the last 25 years.

A freak accident suddenly puts the main character in a vegetative state as a 10-year-old girl. Everyone in her family, which broke apart from the resulting regret and guilt, and her now fully-grown first love, all currently live a lonesome existence. Only her mother continued to keep a watchful eye on her, hopeful that she would miraculously regain consciousness.

After 25 long years, the "girl" with a 35-year-old body but a 10-year-old mind wakes up! Trying to fill every void, she rushes to accumulate over two decades' worth of experiences and matures as she goes through pains and heartbreaks. The 10-year-old at heart goes to middle school, high school, and eventually blossoms into a woman--one that appears to embody what we all have witnessed over the last 25 years.

When her mind catches up to her real age, just how will she see the world she lives in? During these 25 years, what did we gain and what did we lose?

In this story of awakening and soul cleansing, a girl arrives from the past and moves us, who seemingly have spent the last 25 years sleeping, to ponder just how we really should be moving forward.

Our Dearest Sakura


It's the spring of 2009, and Hanamura Construction, the largest general construction firm in Japan, is holding its annual welcome ceremony for its new grads. Sakura stands out from the rest of the talented bunch for clearly being a country bumpkin. Hailing from a small remote island up north, she came to Tokyo alone and has no qualms about sharing her dream of building a bridge to her home town.

During the training program for new employees that eventually determines which department they'll be assigned to, Sakura sees how out of line the company president is. "Obedience without questions" does not come naturally to her, and her true colors land her in an unthinkable situation. Sakura's corporate career track begins to crack.

Those who joined the company at the same time as Sakura are grateful she showed them the importance of standing your own ground in order to achieve your dreams, no matter what. So when a shattered dream and a lost loved one plunge her into the depths of despair, they stand up for her!

Follow Sakura and the colleagues who support her as she relentlessly pursues her dream and stays true to herself despite the adversities in this drama that chronicles their 10 years together.