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Dead Stock

Two young TV directors, one a sensitive introvert and the other an ambitious cynic, re-investigate the strange and supernatural phenomena found on unaired videotapes discovered in the vaults of an old TV station, ends up facing the horrifying mystery concealed.
Inspired by real events and urban legends, this J-Horror spin on The X files blurs the lines between reality and nightmares and the living and the dead. The hero and heroine bicker and bond as they investigate past tragedies. They are stunned when some cases connect on a very personal level. The writers include J-Horror legends Junya Kato & Ryuta Miyake (The Complex, Ghost Theater) and Jun Tsugita (Mutant Girls Squad).

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  • Mystery



On the morning of Christmas, Ryoko found a dead body of her classmate Takuya in the snowy high school yard. While the police and the teachers conclude the death was a suicide, Ryoko receives an anonymous letter informing that it was a murder by Shunji and others. Whether the death was a suicide or murder becomes the object of a great deal of media and social network attention.
While the school principal Masao tries to resolve the situation, another accident occurs. Being unconvinced by adult’s handling of mysterious incidents which occur one after another, Ryoko rises with an idea, “Why don’t we hold a trial by ourselves?”. An unprecedented in-school trial by the students begins…

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Family Bond


Kawasaki is a master carpenter who has a consummate skill. He looks scary but he is full of human warmth and has a weakness for women. Living with his wife and a daughter happily and as usual, he works hard, the sales woman of an insurance company passes by his work place . In fact, she is a single mother who has a son “Ryusei” who doesn’t know his real father . Kawasaki is concerned about him and thinks of building a house for them, however, his wife, daughter and his apprentice are not satisfied with his behavior. He can’t read the line around him.
While he devotes himself to build a house, the father of Ryusei appears in front of Kawasaki.
As the film portrays his care for the shy boy, the story reveals the truth about the daughter not being his biological daughter and the emotional challenge between him and his apprentice. There are some dramas with the man's family.

川崎慎吾(長渕)は神技的な腕を持つ大工の棟梁。強面風で、やんちゃな人情味厚い男だが、好みの女性には少々弱い。妻・美沙希(飯島)と娘の柑奈(山口)と幸せに暮らし、いつものように仕事に励んでいるところに保険会社の営業ウーマン・池田芽衣(広末)が通りかかる。実は彼女は、龍生(潤浩)という息子がいるシングルマザーで、父親を知らない彼を気にかける。この親子に家を作ろうと思い立つが、そんな慎吾の様子に納得がいかない、娘と妻と一番弟子の高史(瑛太)。周りの空気も気にせず、家づくりに没頭する中、龍生の父親と名乗る男が慎吾の 前に姿を現す。