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Museum&Trip in KANAZAWA

It was 1598 when Toshiie Maeda,the first feudal lord of KAGA domain,arrived Kanazawa.
Since then,the Maeda clan ruled this land for14 generations and build a vast territory called HYAKUMANGOKU.

A historic city.A city with aesthetic sense inherited from the feudal era.
Numerous places where you can feel the refined beauty.That is What Kanazawa is.
The Maeda clan promoted [Craft works]=KOGEI
Cultural incentive project by Kaga domain made traditional craftworks Famous,such as KAGAYUZENandKANAZAWAHAKU gold.
You may experience gold foil pasting here.
Many master craftworks are in collection at the national crafts museum that opened in 2020.

Shall we walk around the traditional city of KANAZAWA and feel the beauty.