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Sketches of Life

Ryota Tanaka, a young man who was struggling to become a manga artist in Tokyo, came back to his hometown in Fukuoka, feeling the limits of his dream. It was a part-time job at the local life extension zoo that introduced Ryota, who was in the old friend's room, without relying on his parents' home....

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Your slightly offbeat neighbor might actually be an assassin on vacation.

As his nickname implies, the Fable is an enigmatic assassin who terrorizes the underworld.
The overworked assassin gets an order from his boss.
"Live the life of a normal man for one year. Kill anyone during your vacation...

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Psychic Kusuo

All I want is to lead a normal life. But underneath lurks unimaginable psychic powers... It’s the start of the annual cultural festival that brings a disastrous whirlwind of love and friendship! An extravaganza that will crack you up and blow you away!

■ Introduction
A super popular manga seri...

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ALL ROUND APPRAISER Q - The Eyes of Mona Lisa -

In 2014, after an absence of 40 years, the world’s greatest artistic treasure, the Mona Lisa, again pays a visit to Japan. Asahina, the museum’s Asia Director, is assigned the task of strengthening its guard against the constant threat that the famous painting will be stolen. He recommends the brill...

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KyaryPamyuPamyu Cinema JOHN!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is a Japanese famous model and singer. Her public image is associated with Japan's kawaii and decora culture centered in the Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo. During Kyary's 2nd world tour called “Nanda Collection Tour” with 16 shows at 11 countries venues to mobilize 35,000 fans. In...