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Muhyo & Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation

Are you a victim of unwanted spirit possession? Is there a ghost you need sent up and away... Master of magical law Muhyo (Toru Muhyo) and his cry baby assistant Roji (Jiro Kusanao) tackles all cases involving ghosts, monsters, and all things supernatural!

Highly anticipated anime adaptation o...

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Magic Kaito 1412

Kaito Kuroba is a seventeen-year-old high school student who is an adept magician due to the influence of his father, Toichi Kuroba who died mysteriously. Eight years after his father’s death, Kaito discovers a secret room in his home that was set up by his father to reveal itself on that very day. ...

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Detective Conan

“Criminals beware . . . this miniature detective is on the case!
Over a decade of airing, still one of the top anime stories in Japan!!”

Conan Edogawa has an impeccable disguise that proves invaluable in his detective work. Conan is actually Shinichi Kudo, a 17-year-old boy forced to drink a poi...