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The Quintessential Quintuplets 2
5등분의 신부∬

Copyright © Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.
They are teenage female quintuplets who hate studying and are at risk of failing their classes. That is until a private tutor, Futaro, appears to help them make it to graduation. Various adventures ensue as the five sisters and Futaro attend a study camp in the woods that ends up deepening their trust of Futaro. Amid a last push to improve their grades, Futaro encounters a series of troubles. Meanwhile, his first crush, “the girl in the photo,” reappears? And the curtain rises on a host of new challenges for Futaro and the five sisters.


「낙제 직전」「공부가 싫은」미소녀 다섯 쌍둥이. 아르바이트 가정교사로서 이들의「졸업」까지 지도를 맡게 된 후타로. 여름캠프에서의 다양한 이벤트를 통해 더욱 신뢰가 깊어진 후타로와 다섯 쌍둥이들. 그리고, 이번에야말로 그녀들을 낙제에서 구하고자 가정교사에 매진하려는데 트러블이 속출한다. 또 후타로의 첫사랑인 “사진의 아이”가 나타나고…!? 후타로와 다섯 쌍둥이들의 새로운 시험이 막을 올린다!!

Production Year
30 min
12 episodes
International sales company
Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.
JP On-air: 2021.1.7 -