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Our new format “CAST WARS” is not only a hilarious and exciting game show that viewers of all generations can enjoy, but the best chance a broadcaster or platform can get to promote their latest shows (such as dramas, reality shows and news programs) to those viewers in a completely new way! The format is based on the most successful Japanese game show of all time, “Tokyo Friendly Park” which was on the air as a weekly program for more than 17 years, and is now airing as a nationally popular recurring special after successfully rebooting in 2017.
The structure of the show is very simple! Celebrities who star in the latest shows tackle games one by one working as a “team” to win a prize at the end of the show. The thrilling and fun games would make anyone want to give them a try, but most importantly they are designed to reveal the true character and relationships of the stars tackling them. A leading actor who’s usually very serious and strict may reveal an unexpected mischievous side, or a cute teen idol girl may show her extremely competitive streak, or stars with a great age difference between them may conversely show very strong teamwork. Viewers are drawn into the entertaining challenges and the many personalities of the challengers themselves and can’t stop tuning in for more!

TBSの最新フォーマット『Cast Wars』は、全世代の視聴者が楽しめる、笑えて面白くエキサイティングなゲーム番組であるのに加え、さらに放送局や配信プラットフォームにとっては宣伝したい最新の番組(ドラマやリアリティ番組、さらにはニュース番組まで)を全く新しい形で視聴者に知ってもらえる最高のチャンスでもあります。フォーマットのベースになったのは日本で最も成功したゲーム番組『東京フレンドパーク』、レギュラー番組として17年以上放送され、2017年にリブートされてからは国民的人気の特別番組として放送されています。
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Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.