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CBC tagged Viu TV Hong Kong for the great co-production! Good Job is a reality show aired in Hong Kong and this time we introduce the format from Viu TV and present a brand new project by 2 countries! A female MC comes from Hong Kong experiences unique but impressing jobs in Japan with a male Japanese MC and they find the differences and surprises each other that we never be able to experience from the sightseeing. We have both Japanese and Cantonese version with T.Chi script.


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Bump into FATE

The owner of 'Cafe Remote', Joichi Shoda, also owns IZAKAYA "UNMEI" where Joichi directs romances for a fee.
One day, Yoko, a University student, winds up crashing into UNMEI from Tokyo to find Takuro, her boyfriend and popular Youtuber, who had an affair. She found out Takuro is around the area fr...

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Kid brother of BOYS AND MEN who is expanding their popularity from Nagoya to whole Japan, "Matsuri nine" is finally starred as the lead in a series drama!
The story starts from one of the ordinary days for Matsuri nine who are high school students and being trained as entertainer.
They encounters ...

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Oh My God!

Traveler asks the foreign visitors for the most favorite picture shot in Japan, and the program finishes if anyone could show us a picture taken in Nagoya. However, the trick is, the traveler must go to the place where these pictures are taken. Traveler must continue his trip until he meets the pict...