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Mothers2016 -The Mother's Wishes

マザーズ2016 -母たちの願い

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[Program Catalog] Mothers2016 マザーズ2016|CTV


[Program Catalog] Mothers2016 マザーズ2016|CTV


From a mother who cannot raise to another mother who wants to foster…
Rin Tanabe is a popular television newscaster for a morning show, but behind her smiles is profound anxiety about fertility treatment. Although she eventually decided to give up on the treatment, she still could not accept the reality of “a life without a child.”
One day, through her job, Rin comes across a non-profit organization called “Smile Baby,” an agency that helps to arrange special adoption (“tokubetsu-yoshiengumi” in Japanese.)
Rin visits “Smile Baby” for a TV interview and meets Takako, the head of the organization. Learning more about the reality of these types of situations, Rin begins to feel that she wants to help those born from an unwanted pregnancy...



Scenario Writer


  • Food/Cooking

'OMO UMA' Heartwarming Foodocumentary

There are outlandish restaurants all over Japan that are far beyond our imagination. This is a documentary program about human beings through food, which finds and introduces owners and services that over hospitality and over entertainment!

  • Action
  • Idol
  • Music

BOYMEN - Sharing Travel 3D/2N -

BOYMEN Sharing Travel 3D/2N is an up-close, days-off travel television program featuring BOYS AND MEN (a performance group in Nagoya).

The program follows them as they travel all over Japan and overseas. As a rule, the group member who is unable to properly express the fun of traveling at the en...

  • Art
  • Beauty
  • Food/Cooking

Boys & Men Japanesque

BOYS & MEN is a very popular male idol group in Japan. In this new series, they rediscover and report on Japan by experiencing first hand Japanese pop culture, traditional culture and craftsmanship, highlighting many of Japan’s charms. In Episode #1, for example, they introduce how Japanese swords a...

  • Food/Cooking

ChaCha-To Meshi (Meal in No Time)

Mihoko Abukawa, who is a popular TV personality and lazy housewife, learns from a cooking specialist how to cook “ChaCha-To Meshi” recipes that are easy to cook with less preparations.

Besides the recipes, it is fun to listen to the straight conversations between Mihoko and Tomomi Matsubara, an a...

  • Human

Dairyou Masumasu

Detailed coverage on a town of female divers and fishermen in the Ise-Shima region. Ijika-cho, Toba, Mie prefecture is a small fishing harbor with a population of less than 500 where people have been living with the blessings of a bountiful sea for generations. Ijika is a town where the “wisdom of l...

Game on Celeb's Life with Live Commentary: 'Memory Game'

This is a new variety show that features a game based on a celebrity’s life. We made a game about a popular idol group member with an unusual past and turned it into a show. In this program, the celebrity subject of the game plays the game with her friends and comments on her life while having fun w...

  • Family
  • Travel

GORI muchu

A popular Japanese comedian and movie director, GORI, travels by trains and his portable bicycle through three central prefectures of Japan: Aichi, Gifu, and Mie.
GORI was born in Okinawa, so he has no clue about this region, which drives him to communicate with the locals along the way.
The Cen...

I’d like to see you again in happiness

A Mongolian reporter knew “Detainment in Mongolia” when she started to work in Japan as a reporter in 2011. The reason she knew it is that she read an article which reported that the people who built National University of Mongolia, her alma mater, were Japanese detainees. Comparing to “Detainment i...

  • Language

Japanese HANJO! TV

This program features a bilingual YouTuber (English/Japanese). Popular virtual YouTuber, “Miya Kimino,” introduces cool Japanese “Anime” and “Manga” in the program and teaches Japanese language.“ Japanese HANJO! TV” is a very popular channel on YouTube and now boasts more than 250,000 subscribers.

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Prof. Denjiro's classroom of interesting, eye-opening experiments.
This is an educational entertainment program which guides you to get closer to science. You can gain knowledge through Prof. Denjiro’s experiments –as if you were watching magic!
This program was made into DVD in Japan and is us...

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  • Tearjerker

Mothers 2017 – The pregnant homeless women

This heart-warming drama is based on an episode that is currently taking place at an agency that helps to arrange special adoptions (“tokubetsu-yoshiengumi” in Japanese), a system in which the happiness of the children comes first.

Takako Okuda (Shigeru Muroi), the head of “Smile Baby”, a non-p...

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  • Human
  • Tearjerker


“I have three mothers. Mother who gave me a birth, Mother who raised me up. And, Mother who connected me with the two mothers.”
This is the story about a boy who grew up with no idea at all he was an adopted child until he is 19 years old. He learns hardships his mothers had to come through while...

  • Family
  • Human
  • Tearjerker

Mothers2015 -The 17 year-old birth mother

“I am scared of the child in my tummy…confesses Asako, a high-school sophomore who got pregnant as a result of child abuse. What can bring light to Asako’s closed heart…”
This is the second edition of Chukyo TV’s 45th anniversary Drama, Mothers. ...

  • Family

Nyandafuru Channel

Totally in love with character illustrations of cats, dogs, and bears. A brand-new show and the first of its kind in Japan that features nothing but cat characters for cat lovers started in February 2014. A variety of cat characters designed by Japan’s topnotch creators and illustrators are animated...

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  • Travel

PS the 3rd

This is an informative variety program, which introduces the latest leisure and gourmet spots in Nagoya.
Discover the most popular food or store in Nagoya today !
This is a must-see program if you hang out and eat in Nagoya!

  • Family

Quiz Tokiko-san

Katsuki Tanaka (the author himself) does a reading of his original storyboards that are set in the daily life of 'Tokiko san' who takes a job as a quiz writer. These unadorned storyboards are taken as they are and made into a short animated movie.

  • History

Suit Samurai 'What if feudal warlords switched to suits?'

This drama depicts the Battle of Sekigahara, the most famous battle in feudal Japan, set in a contemporary business environment. Following the death of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who ruled Japan, two rivals, Tokugawa Ieyasu and Ishida Mitsunari, fight to become the next leader of Japan. This rivalry could ...

We can answer your question!

This is a program that spares no time and effort in verifying old legends, urban legends, and overblown stories, and exposes them for what they really are!!!

  • Food/Cooking

Wonder Food - from Fiction to Reality

“Wonder Food” is a unique drama for a format that challenges the most creative Chefs of the country to bring alive amazing dishes spotted in fictional masterpieces of our times.
There are three episodes and we broadcasted in January 2020 at midnight. The initial target was for younger, however, not...

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  • Nature
  • Reality


Detailed coverage on a town of female divers and fishermen in the Ise-Shima region.

Ijika-cho, Toba, Mie prefecture is a small fishing harbor with a population of less than 500 where people have been living with the blessings of a bountiful sea for generations. Ijika is a town where the “wisdom o...