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Nice Town Walks in Hokkaido with Rui Yoahida

Copyright© Hokkaido Broadcasting Co.,Ltd.
Food and travel show starring Mr. Rui Yoshid, a haiku poet and a nation widely known food writer. In each episode, Yoshida picks one area in Hokkaido and visit their taking HBC anchor person. His destination can be a small and remote town, as well as well-known populated city. Once he gets there, he walks and hangs around the place looking for something interesting, such as unique shops, manufacturers, local breweries, wineries, food stands, restaurants, bars, and taverns. What Yoshida intends in the show is not only having delicious dishes and drinks, but also interact with people who live there. The typical and symbolic scene is Yoahida has a toast or cheers involving those who happened to be there.

Viewers will enjoy watching hidden attractive spots and dishes all over Hokkaido that are not shown on guidebooks. In other words, this program is well made visual travel guidebook.

This “Nice Town Walks” is a continuous series following “Port Town Walks.” “Port Town” concluded with 13 episodes. New 17 episodes are made as “Nice Town,” and newer ones are going. Broadcasters may choose episodes from both lists.

■ Episode list
#1. Abashiri
#2. Niseko
#3. Furano
#4. Asahikawa
#5. Chitose
#6. Rumoi
#7. Otaru
#8. Teuri, Yagishiri, Haboro
#9. Atsuma
#10. Niki, Yoichi
#11. Tokachi
#12. Sapporo, S?sei River East
#13. Sapporo, Moiwa and Maruyama
#14. Abashiri in winter
#15. Hakodate
#16. Biratori
#17. Samani
#18. Assabu
#19. Otaru-Takashim
#20. Sapporo-Teine
#21. Sapporo-Atsubetsu
#22. Matsumae
#23. Sapporo-Takino
#24. Ishikari
#25. Abashiri, Fall

Rui Yoshida (吉田類)
Kanako Muroya (室谷香菜子)
Yuri Takahashi (高橋友理)
Production Year
30 min.
International sales company
Hokkaido Broadcasting Co., Ltd
Production: 2014 – ON GOING
ON AIR: Every Quarter
Org. Territory: Hokkaido
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