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Remember Before You Forget


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A love story involving a Japanese developing musician and a Taiwanese pianist. One day, he falls in love with a Taiwanese student hearing her enticing notes of the piano at a railroad station in Fukuoka, Japan.


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Behind the Lens Again A Press Photographer’s Lost Decade

In 2003, Hiroki Gomi, a photojournalist for the Mainichi Newspaper, was on his way back from covering the Iraq War when a metal fragment in his bag exploded, killing one and injuring five. The fragment was a cluster bomblet. Gomi was punitively dismissed from his job.
I (the director) used to work ...

Dan and Paddy's Bucket List - Kyushu, Japan

Sharing Kyushu‘s Allures WITH THE WORLD!
International co-production program Has Started Airing!

Paddy Doherty and Daniel Coll, who are active in the British/Irish media, visited the island of Kyushu in southwestern Japan for about a month during September 2019. There, they met many people and e...

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Memory of the World Message from Sakubei Yamamoto ~ A miner-painter’s link to the future

At the age of seven, Sakubei Yamamoto entered a coal mine with his parents; this was the beginning of his 50 year career at the Chikuho mines in Fukuoka prefecture. The mines were pitch black and humid, and the threat of collapse or flooding was never far from the miner’s minds.
After retiring, Sak...

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We accompanied the observation team at a milestone when Japan began its observation for the 60th anniversary. The period of closely watching was about 4 months. Members were making a thorough investigation while staying in the outdoor huts and tents. In the summer Antarctica, the sun does not set, w...