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On nights when I want to end it all...
죽고 싶은 밤에 한하여

“You look like the back side of a bug when you smile. Like the back side of a drone beetle.” As a young boy, a girl he adored told him that. And ever since that day, he had a hard time smiling. The original story is based on the real-life experience of author, Kirio Tsume. The main character, Hiroshi Ono, was abandoned by his mother when he was still young. Hiroshi meets all kinds of women with whom he clashes with at times, and with whom, he runs from at other times. And through these experiences, Hiroshi gradually gets his smile back. It’s a melancholic story that’s also full of humor.
The first woman he fell in love with was a bicycle thief. He lost his virginity to a woman in a wheelchair. And the woman he loved the most, Asuka, makes a living selling her saliva to perverts.
Focusing on the six years Hiroshi spent with the love of his life, Asuka, it depicts the good-for-nothing life of this hopeless man who lived his life at the mercy of wild and crazy women.

「你笑的样⼦,就像是昆⾍的肚⼦。就是像绿绿⾍那种」—— 被⾃⼰喜欢的同班同学嘲笑后的少年,再也笑不出那么⾃然了。本作品其实竟是原作者⽖切男本⼈的实际⽣活体验。在幼年时期就被⺟亲抛弃的⼩野浩史有过各种与⼥⼈的交往史,有时会吵架,有时会逃脱,⼀点点恢复笑容,是⼀个既伤感⼜幽默的故事。他的初恋情⼈是个偷⾃⾏⻋的⼩偷,他的“第⼀次”是跟⼀个坐轮椅的⼥⼈。然⽽浩史今⽣最喜爱的⼥⼈阿斯卡却是⼀个卖唾液给变态来维持⽣活的⼥⼈。这部电视剧主要是围绕这个男⼈和他今⽣最喜爱的⼥⼈阿斯卡在⼀起的6年⽣活的同时,被各种过激⼥⼈不断抛弃的毫⽆价值的半⽣。
Kento Kaku (賀来賢人)
Maika Yamamoto (山本舞香)
Production Year
24 minutes
7 episodes
Movie Quality
Aspect ratio
International sales company
Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc.