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QUIZ GO ROUND 流れきる前に選びとれ!

  • Comedy
  • Gameshow


The first co-development project by KANSAI TV and Red Arrow Studios International.
CRAZY CAROUSEL is the comedy gameshow inspired by Japan’s Sushi Go-Round restaurants.
Three teams are served up surprising questions and unique challenges where every possible answer or task is delivered on a giant carousel!
Knowledge, judgement and physical ability are all put to the test: from identifying which world-map is correct or which person is really singing instead of lip-syncing, to simply punching the life out of as many balloons as possible!
The players must react quickly before the carousel’s deliveries disappear out of sight!

But each team has one chance per show to slow down the carousel if there’s a task lined up they’re unsure about.
In the hilarious finale, the carousel serves up real sushi almost like in the restaurants: from ten plates, the team must identify the two pieces that do not contain a particular ingredient.
Our finalists must eat their two pieces, but the problem is, all the wrong choices are packed with super hot wasabi!
Only if the team selects both pieces correctly will they win the big prize!

And Then There was One Yuriko

Yuriko, an unconventional girl with a conventional name, finds herself in the centre of a web of mysterious events at her new high school. A series of tragic accidents seem to be connected to the strange urban legend that says there can only be one Yuriko at the school. As she starts to dig into the...

  • Action
  • Suspense


An underground group of special investigators, Avalanche tracks down criminals who conspire with government officials to break the law. After collecting evidence using tactics that border on the illegal, Avalanche kidnaps wrongdoers and forces them to confess in a court of their own making: social m...

  • Travelogue

Budget Trip in Japan

Do you think traveling in Japan cost a lot? Actually not that much. There are so many yummy food, tourist activities and quality accommodations that can be enjoyed with reasonable prices. This program will show you the tips of budget trip in Japan!

In this show, these hosts below visit Tokyo, Yok...

  • Action
  • Detective
  • Scripted Format
  • Suspense


Based on award-winning writer Kazuki Kaneshiro's story,"Crisis" focuses on Inami and Tamaru, two members of a secret team of specialists working directly under the jurisdiction of the Security Bureau of the National Police Agency.

In an age when the nation is under the threat of unimaginable crim...

  • Action
  • Detective

Diver-Special Investigation Unit-

The spread of criminal organisations around the city is out of control - Kyoto police are forced to take action. A special task force has been set up and elite undercover operatives known as DIVER are sent to infiltrate the underworld and conduct dangerous undercover investigations.
Inspector Kuros...


Parliamentary secretary Toru Washizu has devoted 20 years of his life to Kosuke Inukai, a member of parliament and cabinet minister. Toru works behind the scenes as Inukai's "shadow," deftly handling the petitions of Inukai's supporters and crushing any hint of scandal. Cool and collected, Toru rare...

  • Suspense


A young man,who lost his family
due to false accusations based on
biased reporting,uncovers the
truth of the people who framed
his mother as a criminal.
His"weapon"is FINAL CUT.It is a fatal
video that ends one's life when it
goes public.

  • Human
  • Medical/Health
  • Mystery
  • Suspense

Medical Team Lady da Vinci's Diagnosis

Shiho was a neurological surgeon who decided to resign after hallucinating during an operation. But the director of the Toko University Hospital, held Shiho in high regard, and invited her to the Analysis and Diagnostics Department as a diagnostician, to identify and determine the etiology of diseas...

  • Romance

My Dear Exes

Omameda Towako has been married and divorced three times. That’s led to gossip: “See her? She’s had three ex-husbands! I bet she’s got people problems.”
But while Towako and her exes are divorced, they’re certainly not separated. A head waiter, a lawyer, and a photographer, Towako’s three ex-husban...

  • Human
  • Suspense

Path of the Dragons

“We’ve always had each other, haven’t we brother? Together we crawled from the gutter, and we both know where our path now leads…”
Two brothers, a Yakuza mobster, and a high ranking civil servant - their lives may be different but they share their thirst for revenge. In this suspenseful thriller w...

  • Suspense

School Police

Ryuhei Shimada is an excellent but stubborn detective who has chosen to work at a public junior high school as Japan's first-ever school police officer. He soon discovers that the seemingly-normal institution is teeming with problems that he is determined to solve: cyberbullying, sexual harassment, ...

Tadao Ando Words for the Next Generation

Internationally renowned, award winning, visionary, architect Tadao Ando needs little introduction. His unconventional designs shook off old orthodoxies and his iconic buildings can be seen in cities around the world. Shot in breath-taking 4K, this documentary allows Ando to speak directly to the ne...

  • Romance

The Last Three Times We'll Meet

“All of a sudden it would appear - the number 3 In the middle of their back. Whether they were lovers, friends, family or even strangers, I knew what it meant when I saw it - It meant I would only meet that person three more times in my life.”
In an era where life is often rushed, this pair of dram...

  • Travel


In this program, musician and television personality George Tokoro selects topics that are uniquely Japanese, and with the help of experts, uncovers the mysterious or unknown aspects of each topic. This is a fun and intellectual variety show that examines the country’s food, history, science, geogra...

War of Traps

Parliamentary secretary Toru Washizu has devoted 20 years of his life to Kosuke Inukai, a member of parliament and cabinet minister. Toru works behind the scenes as Inukai's "shadow," deftly handling the petitions of Inukai's supporters and crushing any hint of scandal. Cool and collected, Toru rare...