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Path of the Dragons

©Toru Shirakawa / Gentosha / Kansai TV
©Toru Shirakawa / Gentosha / Kansai TV
©Toru Shirakawa / Gentosha / Kansai TV
“We’ve always had each other, haven’t we brother? Together we crawled from the gutter, and we both know where our path now leads…”
Two brothers, a Yakuza mobster, and a high ranking civil servant - their lives may be different but they share their thirst for revenge. In this suspenseful thriller we follow two powerful men focussed on wreaking vengeance on the corporation that destroyed their family. Years of carefully laid plans are close to fruition when their little step-sister begins digging into her tragic past. Will the brothers fulfil their destiny or will they be unwittingly exposed by the innocent sister they swore to protect?
Hiroshi Tamaki (玉木宏)
Issey Takahashi (高橋一生)
Scenario Writer
Eriko Shinozaki (篠崎絵里子)
Production Year
#1 74min.
#2-10 54 min. (Tentaive)
10 episodes
Movie Quality
International sales company
Kansai Telecasting Corporation