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Diver-Special Investigation Unit-

©Shuntarou Ohsawa/SHUEISHA/KANSAI TV
©Shuntarou Ohsawa/SHUEISHA/KANSAI TV
©Shuntarou Ohsawa/SHUEISHA/KANSAI TV
The spread of criminal organisations around the city is out of control - Kyoto police are forced to take action. A special task force has been set up and elite undercover operatives known as DIVER are sent to infiltrate the underworld and conduct dangerous undercover investigations.
Inspector Kurosawa, a man with 100 faces and a talent for martial arts, is the most respected and feared agent on the team. But with his own hidden, brutal code of justice, Kurosawa may be just as bad as the criminals he hunts.
When a new gang of scammers starts to make waves, exploiting large sums from city residents, team DIVER springs into action. Setting out to expose the deep criminal connections at play: the threads they follow lead deeper into the darkness than anyone expected in this fast moving and intense action drama.
Sota Fukushi (福士蒼汰)
Shuhei Nomura (野村周平)
Nana Katase (片瀬那奈)
Kenta Hamano (浜野謙太)
Yoshinori Masakado (正門良規)
Yoshihiro Nakayama (中山義紘)
Bokuzo Masana (正名僕蔵)
Masanobu Ando (安藤政信)
Ryo (りょう)
Scenario Writer
Manabu Uda (宇田学)
Production Year
#1 69 min
#2-#5 54 min(tentative)
5 episodes
Movie Quality
International sales company
Kansai Telecasting Corporation