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Green Tea Stories from Shizuoka Part.1 ~Challenging Farmers To Improve Green Tea’s Prestige~
静岡お茶物語 壱

Green Tea Stories from Shizuoka | SATV
This documentary focuses on green tea from Shizuoka.
Shizuoka produces and consumes the most amount of green tea in Japan.
Today, the green tea industry in Japan is facing extreme difficulties. The price of tea remains low, tea farmers are aging and it’s hard to find successors. This program introduces tea farmers working to revitalize Shizuoka’s tea industry.

First, it features tea farmers in the Osawa area who open their houses as porch cafés. They prepare homemade snacks to go along with the tea brewed in a teapot. Next, it focuses on the Tsuchiya Tea Farm which has won a Minister’s Award twice in the past. Tea for the show is grown in a special way by using the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System method. By entering the show, the reputation of its tea will improve and lead to more customers. Then, it shows a fancy café where people can experience how to make tea. The workers teach their guests how to brew tea and then after, they try it themselves. After that, it follows tea producers who develop a new product. They develop Wakocha, a Japanese black tea to expand their market. Finally, it highlights a young tea maker whose factory makes tencha. Tencha is used for matcha, a powdered green tea. Recently, matcha has become very popular overseas as it is mainly used for sweets. He sees this as a new business opportunity and expands sales channels abroad.
Production Year
1 episodes × 25min. (excluding commercial blacks)
Movie Quality
International sales company
Shizuoka Asahi Television Co., Ltd.
English subtitles available
Location Area
Hokuriku / Chubu