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Green Tea Stories From Shizuoka Part2 ~The Future and Beyond~
静岡お茶物語 弐

Green Tea Stories from Shizuoka | SATV
Green Tea Stories from Shizuoka | SATV
Green Tea Stories from Shizuoka | SATV
Copyright (c) SATV. All rights reserved.
This documentary focuses on green tea from Shizuoka.
Shizuoka produces and consumes the most amount of green tea in Japan.
Especially in spring, they can enjoy the verdure of tea estate and delicious green tea.
This show follows the charms of green tea, new challenges of tea-making wholesalers and those who make efforts to promote green tea from Shizuoka.
It introduces Tea Museum, Shizuoka, which is a green tea-themed facility which Shizuoka Prefecture newly opened in Shimada city in March 2018.
It also goes behind the scenes of what tea-making wholesalers do such as blending, preserving and drying. A certified green tea appraiser displays his surprising skills of a true pro by guessing varieties of leaves from different locations just smelling leaves. It focuses on fancy cafes that promote green tea through unique concepts.
Production Year
1 episodes × 25min. (excluding commercial blacks)
Movie Quality
International sales company
Shizuoka Asahi Television Co., Ltd.
English subtitles available
Location Area
Hokuriku / Chubu