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Shizuoka Locak Sake Part 1 & 2
吟醸王国 壱 & 弐

Shizuoka Locak Sake | SATV
Shizuoka Locak Sake | SATV
Copyright (c) SATV. All rights reserved.
Drinking sake is a trend all over the world.

This TV show focuses on Jizake (local sake) and Ginjo-shu (premium sake).
Shizuoka prefecture, located in the center of Japan, is a beautiful place home to Mount Fuji and the Southern Alps. There, sake rice is grown using water from those mountains. The pure water is also used when making sake.

The farmers of Sake Rice Study Group in Yaizu City grow Homarefuji, rice for sake originally developed in Shizuoka. This TV show covers everything from rice-planting to rice-harvesting.

This TV show also focuses on yeast originally made in Shizuoka. Furthermore, this TV show covers efforts made by each Kuramoto (sake brewer) who produces new and unique types of sake that pairs with modern cuisines. In addition, it introduces sake that compliments local Shizuoka cuisine.

Through this TV show, you can fully enjoy sake-making in Shizuoka.
Production Year
2 episodes
・Part 1 (2016) : 1 episode × 25 min. (commercial blacks excluded)
・Part 2 (2017) : 1 episode × 25 min. (commercial blacks excluded)
Movie Quality
International sales company
Shizuoka Asahi Television Co., Ltd.
English subtitles available
Location Area
Hokuriku / Chubu