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Heartbreak Insurance
失恋保険 告らせ屋

“We will guarantee your romance for 1 million yen…”

A one-sided love that just won’t be realized… Everyone is scared of being hurt by a broken heart.

“Heartbreak Insurance” is a bet against love that pays out 10-fold, helping you heal in the case of heartbreak. It’s a non-refundable insurance payment.

The romance can be any kind: Love at first sight, falling in love with a famous person, forbidden love, etc… Even love which seems completely impossible or one-sided is not a problem.

The only restriction on those seeking eligibility is to confess their love at the instructed time.

Also, the amount of payment for heartbreak, is written on a sealed envelope from the members at the time of contract, and is unsealed after heartbreak or the contract expiring.

People’s hearts are full of mystery. When people bet large amounts of cash on their own love, the hidden side of themselves they didn’t realize was there reveals itself.

People driven mad by fits of jealousy, people realizing the betrayals of ones they trust… The forbidden secrets of love are laid bare one after another...

This drama uncovers the hidden mysteries of hearts in love, exposing the member’s romantic situations and the darkness of their hearts.
Yu shirota (城田優)
Saki Fukuda (福田沙紀)
Arata Furuta (古田新太)
Production Year
13 episodes
International sales company
Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation
Yomiuri-TV Enterprise LTD.