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The Delicious Journey

"The Delicious Journey" is a reality game show / travelogue searching for the best dish of someone’s whole life.

The following question is asked to people walking by…“What is the dish you really want to eat again?” The answer would be for example: “The sushi I ate on my trip to Hokkaido”, or “The tempura I ate at a dingy hotel in Kyoto”, etc. Once the answer is given, the group of travellers (celebrities) must go to the site and eat that dish regardless of their will. If they sense that the site is too far or the dish is not attractive during the conversation / before the person tells them the name of the site, they can refuse to take the journey. They are not allowed to eat or drink anything (except water) until they reach the site, and once they eat the dish, they must call the person who told them of the dish to thank them and to confirm if the dish is the one that he/she meant. After the celebrities arrived at the site, they must negotiate with the owner by themselves to film the restaurant.
The ultimate goal is to reach all the states in the country. In addition, if an already-visited restaurant is raised, they must go to that site again, but they are not allowed to eat that dish. In case the restaurant is closed or the owner refuses to be filmed, they also cannot eat and must go on to the next destination on an empty stomach. The personal gourmet filled with individual’s precious memories leads the cast to harsh but delicious journey to remember!

This program could be adapted in any country with simple rules and low budget but in each episode, lords of roadside stories will automatically unfold. Therefore the series can last for long term with different group of celebrities or different states. The original Japanese show has already broadcasted more than fifteen episodes so far and still ongoing as a segment of a popular variety show “GARIGERU”. The program has started in 2010 and has been aired more than 170 episodes in Japan so far. As an experimental variety show, it has produced various kinds of segments that are related to the main theme of the program, “human bonds”. In 2012, a special episode of The Delicious Journey Thai version was made in coproduction with Thai terrestrial TV channel BEC (Ch3) and aired in July 2013. The episode has received the top viewer ratings in the same time zone in Thailand.
The viewers have the opportunity to see how people react when they are really hungry and also to gain information of local delicious dishes. This is fun entertainment show for the entire family.
Production Year
33 + episodes
International sales company
Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation
Yomiuri-TV Enterprise LTD.