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The Inheritance Lawyer: Shinichi Kakizaki
遺産相続弁護士 柿崎真一

“May you rest in peace.”

In the downtown area of Yokohama area, the Kakizaki Shinichi law firm stand. Shinichi has been an elite lawyer representing major companies and handling criminal cases. However, due to a two month business suspension he received two years ago, he had lost all the trust he had gained. Since then his business had been running on thin ice, along with that he even started to get illegal loans. One day, Miki Mizutani, a dentist, introduces Shinichi to an affluent patient who is seeking a lawyer to deal with inheritance issues. Ending up with a large amount of remuneration without going to court and realizing that the society he lives in is filled with the elderly, he makes a shift to become an inheritance lawyer. As he deals with the clients, he always keeps a motto of not only getting his clients the inheritance, but linking emotions of the ones left behind.
Hiroshi Mikami(三上博史)
Production Year
11 episodes
International sales company
Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation
Yomiuri-TV Enterprise LTD.