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Only You
オンリー・ユー 愛されて

This is a pure love story of the young man with mild intellectual disability and a top fashion model.

Sumio has mild intellectual disability and works at the restaurant, Sezon. He could not communicate with others well, but he is pure like a child. Sumio’s favorite activity is to watch outside by a pair of binocular glasses. What he watches is the Chihiro’s room. Chihiro is his desirable woman and works as a top fashion model. Coincidentally she dates an owner of the restaurant, Sezon. Since Sumio meets Chihiro at her birthday party, their fates cross over.
Chihiro denies Sumio because of his strange activity. However, his pureness passes along Chihiro and she is gradually attracted to him. His kindness and dedication starts to change Chihiro. They come to be drawn to one another. However, their relation is not understandable for others. Will their pure love be fulfilled?
Takao Osawa(大沢たかお)
Production Year
10 episodes
International sales company
Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation
Yomiuri-TV Enterprise LTD.