52 Broadcasters

Aichi Television Broadcasting Co.,LTD.

Aichi Television Broadcasting Co.,Ltd was established in 1983 as the fifth private television station in Aichi Prefecture, with the support of Nikkei Inc., Chunichi Shimbun Co., Ltd ,Chubu Electric Power Company,Incorporated,TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION, and other players in the business world. Aichi Television Broadcasting Co.,Ltd has formed the TXN (Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Okayama, and Fukuoka) network, with TV Tokyo Corporation as its key station. Its service area covers approximately 4.66 million households in Aichi Prefecture and its surrounding areas, which accounts for about 94% of the total households in the Tokai region.

Akita Broadcasting System, Inc.

ABS (Akita Broadcasting System, Inc.) was established as Radio Tohoku Broadcasting Co., Ltd in 1953. We also started television broadcasting in 1960 and changed the company name to ABS. ABS-TV, affiliated with Nippon TV Network, broadcasts a variety of TV programs including news, sports, and other cultural or entertainment programs. ABS is the No.1 TV station in Akita in terms of viewing rate (from 6:00 am to 12:00 am) for 12 years. Akita prefecture, in the northeast region of Japan, is abundant in beautiful natural resources and traditional festivals. Also, Akita is famous for its native dog called “Akita dog.” Because we are the oldest commercial TV station in Akita, we have been producing so many programs that closely cover people, culture, events, food, and the nature of Akita.

Asahi Television Broadcasting Corporation

ABC Japan (Asahi Broadcasting Corporation) is the 3rd oldest commercial broadcaster in Japan, established in 1951. We have produced many well-known entertainment programs which are available for both finished programs and formats. Our variety of contents include drama series, variety shows, travelogues, documentaries, infotainment shows and animation series.

AX-ON Inc.

Television Programs & Feature Films Production Sports, news, infotainment, drama, feature film, variety show, music, cultural program, documentary International Content Production & Technical Coordination Full production & technical coordination for international clients for sports, news, drama, feature film, variety show, music, documentary, commercial, promo Content Production, Pitch Sales & Marketing Commercial, promo, VFX, music video, 4K/8K, 3D, digital signage, mobile & web video, video production for government offices/local municipalities/private businesses, infomercial, internet homepage, event planning, video software Content Business Closed captioning, video description, archives, international & domestic content/format sales, data-casting, EPG, licensing operations Advertising Agency Operations Media operations, branding, media trafficking in terrestrial/BS/CS channels


CBCTV covers the Chubu region (Aichi, Gifu, Mie) and is located in the center of the island of Japan where leading manufacturers in automotive, aerospace, machinery etc. set-up base. Chubu is Japan's most important region for advanced 'MONOZUKURI' (manufacturing). Since it's first airing as Japan's first commercial broadcaster in 1951, CBCTV has consistently adopted contribution to society as a corporate principle through high quality television shows and cultural creation as a corporate principle and continues to strive forward together with the people of the Chubu region. Additionally, CBCTV is part of the JNN/JRN network of which TBS is one of the core stations. CBCTV assumes the role of transmitting a variety of information through television, radio and television shows to the Chubu region, the rest of Japan, and even around the world.

Chukyo TV. Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

Established in 1969, Chukyo TV Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (CTV) serves about 11 million viewers in the Tokai region, the prosperous central part of Japan, encompassing Nagoya, Toyota, Ise, just to name a few. As a member of Nippon TV Network System (NNS), the largest commercial TV network out of the five major networks in Japan, CTV has been vigorously producing programs of all genres, ranging from news, sports, documentaries, dramas, to pop culture entertainment. Having its headquarters in the central part of Japan, historically known for its beautiful nature as well as industrial innovation, also adds unique but friendly taste to our programs. We will keep delivering qualified programs to the audiences in the Tokai region as well as all across the country.

Ehime Broadcasting Co.,Ltd.

TV Ehime's broadcast area is Ehime Prefecture in Shikoku. It is a broadcasting station affiliated with Fuji Television. Ehime Prefecture is home to Dogo Onsen, which is said to be Japan's oldest hot spring, and the Shimanami Kaido, which is popular with cyclists, and broadcasts information on Ehime's sightseeing, climate, and news.

Fuji Television Network, Inc. FUJI CREATIVE CORPORATION

Since commencing broadcasts in 1959, Fuji Television has shared countless stories of love and friendship, good and evil. As a trendsetter, we have remained half a step ahead of these rapidly changing times by delivering innovative dramas, variety shows, newscasts, sports programs, and motion pictures. That is the very reason why Fuji Television has been able to maintain its position as a leading commercial broadcaster in the Japanese media industry. Fuji Television’s vision to allow its creativity to reach beyond things that are only Japanese, has helped it to be accepted globally. With over 60 years of experience, Fuji Television has accumulated extensive expertise and knowledge in producing hit TV shows and formats, prompting drama remakes to local markets as well as co-producing original programs with major overseas production companies. By leveraging these skill sets and our creative DNA, we continue to expand into new markets around the world, bringing Japanese creativity to a wider audience.

Fukushima Central Television Co., Ltd.

Fukushima Central Television wasestablished in 1970 as the second television station for Fukushima Prefecture.It has three branches in Fukushima, Aizu, and Iwaki, and three more outside theprefecture in Tokyo, Osaka, and Sendai.It is a member of the Nippon Televisionaffilliate network, and its lineup consists of news, education, sports, andentertainment programs. It broadcasts the first informational variety programing Fukushima Prefecture, “Goji Tele Chu !”, as well as other programs ofinterest to the local population. It was the only station to film and broadcast the explosion of the Tepco reactor 1 Housing Building on 3/12/2011during the 2011 Earthquake, fulfilling its role as a leading media provider.

Hakuhodo DY music & pictures Inc.

Hakuhodo DY music & pictures Inc. is involved in a broad range of businesses including film distribution, production of Japanese films and animation, as well as sale of overseas programs. It’s product line-up is also varied, with its new releases including “What Happened When I Shaved My Beard” and “I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level”.

Hiroshima Television Corporation

Hiroshima Television, affiliated with Nippon TV Network, is a terrestrial TV station located in Hiroshima, a core city of the Chugoku region in Japan. The station was established on September 1st in 1962. Since then we are providing programs in Hiroshima prefecture to 1.5 million households or 3.8 million people. In the weekday evening we are broadcasting information-oriented variety program. On the other hand sport program aired on every Sunday acquires support and trust highly from our viewers due to wide coverage of spots activities from professional baseball and soccer down to amateur tournaments. We are aiming to become “indispensable TV station in Hiroshima” through various genre such as news, documentary, sport live broadcasting, variety show and others.

Hokkaido Broadcasting Co., Ltd

Hokkaido Broadcasting Co., Ltd (HBC), founded in 1951, has the richest and longest history of any commercial broadcasting company in Hokkaido. HBC was the 5th television station and the 7th radio station in the country. We produce and broadcast a wide range of local programs including news, documentaries, variety shows, sports, and dramas.Our productions are highly valued both inside and outside Japan. In addition, HBC also hosts the HBC International Goodwill Square at the Sapporo Snow Festival. We also organize the HBC Junior Orchestra and HBC Junior Choir alongside many other art and culture events. This vast area of Hokkaido makes up 22% of Japan's landmass is blessed with beautiful natural resources that gives birth to new ideas and inspiration. "Local roots, global aspirations"… This is our motto at HBC.

HOKKAIDO Cultural Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

One of the Japanese TV stations of the Fuji TV Network Inc. in Hokkaido, Japan: Broadcasting TV programs and others.

Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd., (HTB) is a TV station in Hokkaido and affiliated with All-Nippon News Network (ANN) and TV Asahi Network. We offer various titles of dramas, documentaries, animations and variety shows both for domestic and international viewers and market. Many of them have been highly applauded at home and abroad. Gaining nationwide popularity, onchan, our mascot character has been made into animations and various products. In recent years, our focus is on onchan licensing. Please contact us anytime when you have any interests in our programs and characters.


HAB, rooted in Hokuriku Japan, has produced and broadcast mainly community-based programs since 1991. We have been proud to introduce the treasures of this area, such as picturesque viewing of mountains and ocean's bounty. Hokuriku is located in the approximately center of the mainland of Japan, and the unique atmosphere has caught many people. HAB is highly inspired to deliver the attractiveness of this area all over the world. Brightness to Hokuriku- it is our belief.

Hokuriku Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

Hokuriku Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (MRO) is located in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. One of the network companies of Tokyo Broadcasting System(TBS). Ishikawa Prefecture is located approximately in the geographical center of the Japanese archipelago. In this area, most are surrounded by the seas. For this place, it was main gateways from old days to the Asian Continent. At present, this place is attracting attention as the key prefecture on the Japan Sea coast. Ishikawa Prefecture is also highly developed in the fields of industry and science. Besides, this place has art, culture, a tradition, the history. We has produced and broadcast mainly community-based tv and radio programs since 1951.

Japan International Broadcasting Inc.

PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES ・International broadcasting of television programs, via satellite and the Internet ・Planning and production of television programs for international audiences ・Development of distribution routes ・Other activities connected with international television broadcasting ・Other activities connected with international TV broadcasting

Kansai Telecasting Corporation

Kansai TV is the leading commercial broadcasting TV station in Kansai area, which covers Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and other major cities in Japan. We are producing and broadcasting variety of programs including drama, sports, news, documentaries and game shows. Among our TV programs, our dramas are prestigious in Japan and other countries. We are also delivering live entertainment, video on demand services, DVDs, feature film productions. Our prestigious dramas including "CRISIS" which was selected to be Asia World Premiere of MIP TV 2017 in Cannes, France, drama remake, formats, entertainment, animated films and our award winning documentaries.

Kumamoto Kenmin Television Corporation

Kumamoto Kenmin TV is a broadcasting station based in Kumamoto Prefecture. We produces not only news programs but also a variety of content, including variety shows, travel programs, and documentary series. Kumamoto Kenmin TV has achieved substantial recognition in Japan, securing numerous awards for its documentary programs. Boasting the highest viewership, Kumamoto Kenmin TV stands as the most-watched channel in Kumamoto Prefecture.

Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Co.,Ltd. ("KBC") is a TV Asahi Corporation-affiliated broadcasting station headquartered in Fukuoka, a bustling city of 1.5 million that has served as a gateway to Asia since ancient times.

Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc.

MBS is a pioneer in the Japanese broadcast industry. In 1951, MBS became one of the first commercial stations in Japan to air radio broadcasts. In 1959, MBS started doing television broadcasts. MBS operates in the largest broadcast area in western Japan, the Kansai region, an area with 22 million people, representing about 17 percent of the nation’s population and 10 million households. MBS is headquartered in Osaka, the business center of the Kansai region where new businesses and innovative ideas are constantly being created. Kansai is also where the ancient capitals of Kyoto and Nara are located and where Japan’s valuable traditions and culture have been preserved. Kansai, with its unique combination of old and new, has also had historically strong ties with Asian countries. MBS成立于1951年,是日本创立最早也是最大的电视台之一。 拥有西日本最大的播放局域关西地区,在这个区域里有人口2100万人。家庭数占日本家庭总数的17%,约914万个家庭。日本主要的都市大阪,京都,神户,奈良都在这个区域。同时MBS属于日本五大播放组织之一的TBS(Tokyo Broadcasting System)集团的Japan News Network (JNN)。MBS制作拍摄电视连续剧,娱乐节目,纪录片等各种题材的节目,这些人气节目不仅在关西地区播放,也有很多人气节目在全国播放,获得过艾美奖等许多国际奖项,在海外也广受好评。

MIYAGI Television Broadcasting Company, Ltd

Basic and general broadcasting businesses based on the Broadcasting Act; Media businesses; Other broadcasting-related businesses


Nagasaki International Television Broadcasting (NIB) is a local TV broadcaster based in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. It was established in 1991 and is part of Nippon Television Network Corporation(NNS). NIB broadcasts news and variety entertainments within Nagasaki prefecture. We also cooperate with oversea broadcasters and produce programs based on request. In addition to producing TV programs, we also hold events throughout Europe and Asia so that people can know more about Nagasaki.

Nagoya Broadcasting Network Co.,Ltd. (Nagoya TV)

Nagoya TV was established in 1961. Its major shareholders are the Asahi Shimbun(one of Japan's leading newspapers), TV Asahi and Toyota Motor Corporation. It began broadcasting in 1962 under the policy of “providing trustworthy news programs, enjoyable high-quality entertainment contents.” Nagoya TV Provides a wide range of programs mainly to Chubu region (Aichi, Gifu, Mie). This means it has an audience of 4.37 million house-holds and 11.3 million viewers. We produce Dramas, Documentaries, Entertainment Pop Shows, Movies and the program of Travelogues.


Nihonkai Telecasting Co., Ltd (NKT) is a broadcasting station headquartered in Tottori, Japan, and is affiliated with NNN (Nippon News Network). NKT is broadcasted in the regions of Shimane Prefecture and Tottori Prefecture: San’in region, which is located in the northern region of Western Japan, facing the Sea of Japan. San’in region is also the home of many kinds of historical architecture, customs, and festivals. We produce lifestyle, documentary, and cultural programs closely with the community and have been the No. 1 TV station in the area for more than 7 years.

Nippon Hoso Kyokai (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) NHK Enterprises, Inc. (NEP)

NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) is Japan's sole public broadcaster. Funded by receiving fees from each Japanese household, it has a reputation for impartial, high-quality programming. Through its four nationwide TV channels and three radio channels, NHK reaches about 50 million households. Besides being a broadcaster, NHK produces a vast genre of high-quality programs from news, documentaries, children’s and educational programs, music, entertainment, culture, animation, and drama. Known as the pioneer of HD, NHK now actively produces program in 4K and 8K. NHK's programs are distributed internationally by NHK Enterprises, Inc.

Nippon TV

Nippon TV is Japan's leading multiplatform entertainment powerhouse and ratings champion broadcaster, as well as owner of streaming giant Hulu in Japan. Over 90% of its content IP is fully owned by Nippon TV and the company has been active in bringing its content to the international market in the form of anime, ready-made programs, formats, and through co-production partnerships. One of the biggest successes for the nation's finest producer of all genres of programming is the Emmy Award-winning Dragons' Den/Shark Tank, a globally successful business show format that has 45 versions in more than 186 countries across all continents of the world. Additionally, their hit drama series Mother has also achieved global success as the most exported scripted format out of Asia, with its format sales to South Korea, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Thailand, China, Indonesia, and Spain. The company is also known for its viewer-engaging show Old Enough!, now streaming on Netflix in over 190 countries, and BLOCK OUT, an action-packed game show format that has been adapted in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Spain, and Holland, the award-winning unscripted format Mute it!, and Sokkuri Sweets, both produced in the Netherlands, and Sokkuri Sweets/Eye Candy on The Roku Channel in the US, UK, and Canada. Nippon TV has also been producing animation programs since the 1950s and attracts fanatic anime fans with legendary series such as Lupin The 3rd, DEATH NOTE, Ouran High School Host Club, HUNTER × HUNTER, Parasyte -the maxim-, that are instantly distributed in almost 200 countries at the same time as its release in Japan. As evident by the company’s success, Nippon TV is leveraging its coveted platform to revolutionize digital media in an ever-changing industry to solidify its presence and brand as a global media leader.

Oita Asahi Broadcasting Co.,Ltd.

Oita Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd (OAB) is a commercial broadcasting company established in 1993. We are a member of TV Asahi Media Group including 23 other companies. The headquarters are located in Oita Prefecture in Kyushu Island in the southwestern part of Japan. Oita has a population of 1.2 million, and we can enjoy beautiful landscape mountains, ocean, historical heritage, delicious foods and Onsen (hot springs). In 2015, we adopted 4K Ultra HD system for both recording and editing very early on. Then we started regular 4K programs and now we have the biggest stock of 4K programs in Japan.

Okayama Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

Okayama Broadcasting Co.,Ltd(OHK)is located in Okayama-city,Prefectural capital of Okayama.It is one of the network stations of FUJI TETEVISION NETWORK ING.Broadcast area of OHK is Okayama Prefecture and Kagawa Prefecture where the area covers appriximately 3 million of population.Okayama Prefecture is located in the middle of the Sanyo Expressway ,which runs through Kansai and Kyushu regions.Kagawa Prefecture is located in the north-eastern part of Shikoku,an island in the southwest of Japan.

RKB Mainichi Broadcasting Corp.

RKB Mainichi Broadcasting is a local TV station based in Fukuoka Prefecture that has 8 million viewers. We have linked up with several overseas TV networks to produce joint programs of interest to viewers around the world. If you are interested in shooting in Japan or co-producing a program, please contact us. We have considerable experience with supporting governmental agencies in promoting regional events and tourism.

San-in Chuo Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

San-In Chuo Television Broadcasting (TSK) is TV station of Fuji Network System (FNS) that broadcasts in Shimane Prefecture and Tottori Prefecture.

Sendai Television Incorporated

Our company is a commercial television station based in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, the largest city in northern Japan. We broadcast a variety of TV programs, including news, sports and other cultural or entertainment programs, to over 900 thousand households in the Miyagi region and occasionally to a national audience. Business operations: Broadcast of commercial television (affiliate of Fuji Television Network Inc., Japan’s largest and most influential broadcasting network).


SBC is a commercial broadcaster, which broadcast TV and Radio program throughout Nagano prefecture. SBC was established in 1951 and started broadcasting radio program in March, 1952. SBC is eighth oldest commercial broadcasting station in Japan. In 1958, SBC started broadcasting TV program. SBC is the first established commercial broadcaster in any place in Japan other than metropolis area. SBC has a lot of video contents concerning Nagano prefecture, where is surrounded by abundant nature and sightseeing resources such as mountain, hot spring natural water and forest.

Shizuoka Asahi Television Co., Ltd.

As one of TV Asahi’s network affiliate stations, Shizuoka Asahi Television (SATV) has been broadcasting since its establishment in 1978. SATV is headquartered in Shizuoka, Japan where Mount Fuji, Japan's national symbol, was recently added to UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage list. SATV’s variety shows "Tobikkiri Shizuoka” and “Satahapi (Saturday Happy) Shizuoka” are watched by a large number of people in Shizuoka. Furthermore, SATV produces various award winning documentaries and travel variety shows under the themes of primary industries such as agriculture and fishing. For the past several years, we have turned our attention overseas in hopes of offering outstanding information about Shizuoka to people all over the world. Shizuoka prefecture is located in the center of Japan. The south side of Shizuoka faces the Pacific Ocean and the north side faces mountains as high as 3,000 meters, such as Mount Fuji. The mountainous areas of Shizuoka with their pure water and mild climates make it possible to grow many different types of crops.

Television Nagasaki Co., Ltd.

Television Nagasaki is a commercial broadcasting station in Nagasaki Prefecture that established in 1968. We are an affiliated member of Fuji Television. With a history of more than 50 years, we have produced documents focusing on the atomic bomb and documentaries based on exchanges between Nagasaki and overseas. Documentary works have won awards in China, and the program has received high praise from overseas.

Television Niigata Network Co., Ltd.

TeNY, which stands for "Television Niigata Network", is a regional broadcasting company located in Niigata Prefecture. We are mainly featuring attractive local people, communities and tourist spots on our local TV programs and video streaming contents. We are one of the broadcasters which belong to Nippon Television Network System, NNS.

The Sapporo Television Broadcasting Co.,Ltd.

STV (The Sapporo Television Broadcasting Co.,Ltd.) was established in 1958. We started as a terrestrial television broadcasting in 1959. STV operates in the large broadcast area in Hokkaido, which has a population of about 5.5 million and makes up 22% of Japan's landmass, is blessed with beautiful natural resources. STV is Hokkaido’s No.1 TV station in terms of ‘Viewing Rate (from 06:00 to 24:00)’ for over 25 years. STV is now exciting !


TOKAI TELEVISION BROADCASTING CO., LTD. (Tokai TV) was established in 1958. Tokai TV covers 11 million viewers in the Chubu region (Aichi, Gifu, Mie) and is located in the central of Japan where leading manufacturers in automotive, aerospace, machinery etc. set-up base. Tokai TV produces its own TV programs all sorts of TV programs such as news, sports, documentaries, dramas, and variety shows which are broadcasted both on for its own channel and via as well as affiliated broadcasters called Fuji Network Systems (FNS). Tokai TV plays an important role in FNS as the key station which has been producing about 300 drama series with the most episodes among Japanese dramas.

Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.

With over 50 years of experience licensing programming overseas, Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. (TBS) has distributed programs of all genres – dramas, anime, documentaries, formats, movies – totaling several tens of thousands of hours of programming in over 160 countries worldwide and has firmly established its presence as a major content provider in the global arena. TBS is one of the most innovative broadcasters in creating variety formats, having licensed nearly 200 localized versions with several thousand episodes being produced including global hits like America’s Funniest Home Videos, Takeshi’s Castle/MXC, Sasuke/Ninja Warrior, etc. Looking ahead, TBS aims to further raise its profile overseas by expanding sales around the world of TBS hit shows and take advantage of new opportunities in the digital market place. TBS International Program Sales official Facebook page: TBS International Program Sales official Twitter account:


Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corp. (TOKYO MX) started broadcasting in 1995 and has delivered various programs such as variety shows, news programs, documentaries, dramas, sports and anime. As a local TV station in Tokyo, we cover not only urban areas but also suburban and island areas in Tokyo, bringing you local and real information about this fascinating city that you cannot find on other TV stations, or on the Internet, or in guidebooks.

TV Asahi Corporation

With over 60 years of leading the Japanese content industry and having 25 network affiliate stations covering the nation, TV Asahi Corporation delivers top rated drama series, enduring animation programs and high-quality variety shows that target the younger demographic, on top of broadcasting strong sports events and daily news shows. TV Asahi’s programs are globally popular, especially in Asia with approximately 20 countries regularly broadcasting its programs. With the high interest in Japan’s distinct culture giving momentum to content distribution in the region, TV Asahi has formed strategic partnerships in India – where it has successfully released the remake of Ninja Hattori – and Thailand, which will serve as the hubs for furthering business endeavors in Asia. Furthermore, TV Asahi’s terrestrial channel is complemented by three satellite channels operated by Asahi Satellite Broadcasting Limited and CS One Ten, Ltd. The conglomeration of four channels ensures TV Asahi’s competitive edge in creating and delivering content. Additionally, TV Asahi has designated the Internet and “Media City” as its growth businesses, where the aim is to create original Internet services that bring high consumer traffic, and make maximum use of the company’s media properties which are aggregated in the Roppongi area. Moreover, with 19 group companies which cover film, animation, music publication, content production, internet streaming platforms, e-commerce, etc., TV Asahi is positioned to pursue services that meet the needs of consumers in the growing digital industry.

TV TOKYO Corporation

Television broadcasting by the Broadcast Act, production, sale of programs, rights business, culture business, all related business regarding other broadcasts


WOWOW is Japan’s first private satellite broadcaster and the leading premium pay TV broadcaster with over 2.8 million subscribers in Japan. Through three Full-HD broadcasting channels -WOWOW Prime, Live and Cinema-, WOWOW has been delivering high-quality diverse entertainment program. WOWOW has been producing numbers of high-quality original programs including drama series and documentaries, winning various awards around the such as movies, dramas, sports, music, theatrical plays, animations and documentaries.


1. Core broadcasting business based on the Broadcasting Act 2. Production and sales of broadcast programs 3. Production and sales of video and audio recordings 4. Publication and sales of publications 5.Advertising agency business 6. Planning and performing of entertainment, sports, cultural performances, etc. 7. Various information provision services and intermediation of mail order 8. Software development and sales operations 9. Operations related to rental and management of real estate 10. Renewable energy generation business 11. All business related to each of the preceding items

Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation YTE LTD.

■ Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation ・General broadcasting pursuant to the Broadcast Law ・Planning, production and sales of broadcasting programs ・Cultural projects and operations and all other projects and operations related to broadcasting ・Provision of software-based broadcasting and communication services ■ YTE LTD. As an affiliated company of Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, we are responsible for international sales including TV programs and all types of licensing business. In addition, we handle the business of music publishing, anime rights management, localization and event planning.

1 Organaizations

Broadcast Program Export Association of Japan (BEAJ)

[Mission]BEAJ is dedicated to promoting content produced by Japanese broadcasters worldwide and Japanese culture as a whole, including Japanese cuisine, and the full range of Japanese products and services. BEAJ supports the creation, sharing, and implementation of initiatives designed to contribute to global content promotion. BEAJ aims to expand markets for Japanese broadcast content and the reach and impact of Japanese broadcast culture, increasing appreciation of Japanese culture worldwide, encouraging trade among Japan and other countries, and contributing to national growth generation initiatives including "Cool Japan" and "Visit Japan."[Activities]・Formulating and sharing goals and strategies for promoting Japanese broadcast content globally・Performing market research in global content markets・Supporting initiatives to promote Japanese broadcast content globally・Implementing initiatives to determine the feasibility of promoting Japanese broadcast content in specific global markets・Implementing initiatives to promote the appreciation, popularity, and distribution of Japanese broadcast content globally

1 Others

Nikkei Inc.

Nikkei Inc. is a global media brand based in Asia. We are a trusted provider of business news and information, respected for high quality journalism and broadcasting. Nikkei acquired the UK-based Financial Times in 2015. Nikkei’s combined digital and print circulation is over 2.3 million. Nikkei’s broadcasting arm covers Japan with six terrestrial stations (TV Tokyo, Television Osaka, Aichi Television Broadcasting, TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting, Television Hokkaido Broadcasting, and TV SETOUCHI BROADCASTING), as well as BS TV Tokyo, and Nikkei CNBC.