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Battle of the Budgets

Battle of Budgets
©tv asahi
Live on $100 a month! A long-time favorite reality show in Japan!

Money saving can be fun and creative! It’s all about making the most out of a limited amount of money. This earnest money saving competition sends positive messages in hard times! The contestants’ prides are at stake. Who will manage to scrimp wisely and end up with the most savings? The contestants cut down on expenses to the limit and live the ultimate frugal life. The winner’s remaining money is multiplied by a thousand and given as prize money.

The program also offers some unusual, never-before-seen money-pinching tips, from saving on electricity, gas, and water, to introducing ultra-cheap yet delicious recipes!

Who will manage to save the most after one month?

Who will be the one the viewers root for and want to see more of?
Production Year
60 min
International sales company
TV Asahi Corporation
Time slot: Prime-time
Frequency: Weekly
Location based
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