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Never Be Yours

Never Be Yours
©️Mikihiko Renjo/SHUEISHA,tv asahi,MMJ
A rich and intriguing love suspense drama of a fierce battle between a wife and a lover based on an award winning novel “Kakuregikuku” by Mikihiko Renjyo.

Kayoko is a homey housewife keeping a happy family for 20 years married to Junpei, a son of a prestigious Japanese Restaurant working as its head chef. But her normality crushes as a woman named Tae appears out of the blue telling her she has been Junpei’s lover for the past six years and makes her outrageous statement,

“I’m here to take your husband.”

She shows her the divorce paper with Junpei’s signature and tells her his restaurant is at a verge of bankruptcy. Faced with the daunting reality, she falls into an abyss of her life. But with her unyielding positive spirit, she comes out with a surprising proposal. She asks Tae to buy the divorce paper for 60,000,000 yen, so she can become the proprietress of the restaurant to get it back on business. A rich and intriguing love suspense led by bewitching quadrilateral relationships of the men and women in their forties.
Yoshino Kimura (木村佳乃) 
Miki Mizuno (水野美紀)
Tetsushi Tanaka (田中哲司)
Masato Hagiwara (萩原聖人)
Scenario Writer
Yukari Tatsui (龍居由佳里)
Takuro Fukuda (福田卓郎)
Production Year
Movie Quality
International sales company
TV Asahi Corporation
Production Year: 2018/11 -
Target: Male / 35-49, Female /35-49