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WILD SKILLS|tv asahi
©tv asahi
[TREASURE BOX JAPAN|mipformats 2016]
The ultimate unscripted reality show that focuses on experts using their skills to survive! Nine experts, each a professional in their respective fields but a stranger to each other, are stranded on a deserted island for seven days. Each is only able to take three tools of their trade.
The group consists of a carpenter, fisherman, cook, former athlete, scientist, manga artist, ceramic artist…how will experts with completely different backgrounds help each other, and which skill sets will contribute the most to their overall survival?
The experts reveal remarkable skills, and at times an unexpected skill/tool becomes very handy. Our cameras follow the group’s battles against giant fish and birds, the beautiful specialist bursting into tears, and all the physical and mental challenges of the group as they turn the uninhabited island into a habitable place. And which expert contributes the most to this challenge?
At the end of each day, a vote takes place to decide who contributed the most and the prize money for the day is divided among the members according to the number of votes received. Members who contribute little end up with nothing….
Find out what happens when experts live together on a deserted island!

Production Year
60 minutes / 120 minutes
International sales company
TV Asahi Corporation
Timeslot: Prime-time
Frequency: Weekly/Special
Location based
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