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GO BABY GO|tv asahi
©tv asahi
The most hilarious diaper race ever where your baby can become a STAR in this studio based game show! Watch the cute and enchanting ways babies tackle the races. Their random moves and sudden inspirations never cease to glue the audiences to the screen.

<Race 1: Crawl to Your Mommy in Time>
A game where the baby crawls 15 meters to join his/her mother within a time limit, with many distrac- tions along the way, such as mirrors, toys, and TV screens.

<Race 2: Baby Walker Race>
A game where within a time limit, the baby walks 20 meters using a baby walker towards the goal where the father awaits. The mother tries to lead the baby towards the goal.

<Race 3: Baby Grand Prix>
A game where four babies race using a toy-car. The babies either push the car or sit on the car and use their legs to move forward.

Production Year
30 min
International sales company
TV Asahi Corporation
Time Slot: Primetime
Frequency: Weekly
Studio based
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