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Ranking the Stars

Ranking the Stars|tv asahi
©tv asahi
Ten celebrity panelists are asked to rank one another on a specific topic. One of the ten panelists is asked to reveal her ranking in front of everyone else. To make things more interesting, 100 people on the streets are also asked to rank the ten panelists. It’s a no-holds-barred event as celebrities strike at their peers and trash each other out—but always with humor.

And if being embarrassed in front of everyone isn’t enough, there’s also the risk of getting the “Double Whammy,” a label reserved for those special panelists who are ranked “Worst” by both the 100 people on the street and the current panelist presenter!

<Examples of past topics>
Rank the stars based on:
Who is most likely to snore loudly when she sleeps?
Who is most likely to be a boring date? Who is most likely to marry for money? And others...
Production Year
60 min.
International sales company
TV Asahi Corporation
Timeslot: Prime-time
Frequency: Weekly
Studio based
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