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The Kingdom of Ingredients

The Kingdom of Ingredients|tv asahi
©tv asahi / TV Asahi Productions. ©tv asahi / TV MAN UNION, INC.
Every day, we spend time considering what to eat or how to prepare different kinds of ingredients to fit our daily needs. Each ingredient has story, with different histories and cultures. Plus, each ingredient needs varying amounts of time in order to be prepared. It is through this journey in time and ingredients that we will find not only a better under- standing of ourselves, but also of our positions in history.

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Udon, Lotus Root, Tofu, Matsutake Mushrooms, Red Beans, Daikon, Japanese Spring Onion, Japanese Rice, Soba, Wasabi, Mochi & Japanese New Year’s Dishes, Chinese Cabbage, Puffer Fish

Production Year
25min x over 100ep (2003-)
Movie Quality
International sales company
TV Asahi Corporation
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